Reydar 3D Viewer

Quickly and easily integrate your 3D product inventory into your website


Boost buying confidence with Reydar 3D AR Viewer

Immersive product experiences are the future. With Reydar 3D AR viewer, you can quickly add immersive 3D products to your website and enable your customers to visualise, explore and configure any product.

By adding Reydar 3D AR Viewer to your website or e-commerce platform, you can take your product experiences to the next level and provide an immersive, engaging shopping experience for your customers and seriously boost buying confidence.

Plug & Play 3D Products

Easily integrate Reydar 3D viewer into your existing website or e-commerce platform and deploy your 3D AR product inventory for immediate impact.

Augmented Reality As Standard

Allow customers to seamlessly view all of your 3D products in augmented reality at the touch of a button.

Unique 3D AR Data Insights

Track unique 3D product analytics to understand how your customers interact with your products.

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Reydar 3D AR Viewer Features

Simple and quick 3D model creation

High-quality and fast 3D model creation has never been easier. Upload your reference photos and CADs and let REYDAR do the rest. Configure, manage, and optimise your products on ReyBeam Product Network and enjoy secure storage today and in the future.

View and visualise

Our immersive 3D product viewer provides customers with a high-quality, photorealistic viewing experience unlike any other.
Increase sales by allowing customers to visualise, rotate, zoom, and explore your products like never before.

Explore and engage

Create unique experiences for your customers to explore and engage deeply with your products by adding hotspots that track your 3D AR product. Embed descriptions and feature copy, videos and image carousels directly on each product in context.

Select variants

Display product collections and variants in the same viewer, such as size and colour to unique 3D product options such as alternate 3D poses and 3D product accessories, Reydar 3D viewer is a viewing experience unlike any other.

View in your space with Reydar AR viewer integration

Reydar 3D Viewer has AR built in and allows customers to hand off from desktop to mobile augmented reality in the blink of an eye through seamless integration with our Reydar AR viewer.

Integrate Reydar 3D Viewer into your website or e-commerce platform

Reydar 3D AR viewer can be easily integrated into any website and is compatible with all major e-commerce platforms including Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Simply drop in the code and you’re all set!

3D and AR Stats


3D experiences deliver double the levels of engagement compared to their non 3D equivalent.


42% of people are willing to pay more for a product if they could see it in 3D/AR.


66% of people would be more interested in shopping on a website if it offered 3D/AR instead of images.

Reydar 3D Viewer is perfect for

E-commerce image carousel integration

Quickly and easily drop immersive 3D products into your e-commerce product image carousels.

Technical 3D product demonstration

Showcase technical product features with video, image, and URL hotspots tracked to your 3D products.

3D product banner ads

Integrate your interactive 3D products into your digital marketing campaigns with Reydar 3D Banner Ads.

Reydar 3D Viewer FAQs

  • How do I order my product models?

  • How do I embed the Reydar 3D viewer into my website?

  • How do I create an account on ReyEngine?

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