REYDAR Web Based AR Viewer

Enable AR product discovery directly in your customers own personal space


REYDAR Web AR Viewer pings products to life to anyone, anywhere

Technology has transformed the way we search, explore and buy products. REYDAR Web AR Viewer enables your customers to ping products into their own personal space. They can view, explore, discover and interact with products in a fun and helpful way straight from there browser, with no need to download an app.

Increased Engagement

Web based augmented reality encourages inquisitive human nature and a sense of play through intuitive exploratory content, increasing imagination power.

Increase Conversion

Close the imagination gap and build confidence to purchase. AR content can increase conversion by up to 27.96% on retailer websites.

Increased Availability

Your customers no longer need to shop in-store, they can view and visualise the product whenever and where ever they are.

REYDAR Web AR Viewer Features

Simple and quick AR model creation

High-quality and fast 3D model creation for AR have never been easier. Upload your reference photos and CADs and let the REYDAR do the rest. Configure, manage, and optimise your products on ReyBeam Product Network web AR platform and enjoy secure storage today and in the future.

Visualise in your own space

The AR product experience is integrated directly into the REYDAR 3D Viewer or from a QR Code printed in the real world. Customers can view how the product will look in their own space and try-before-they-buy where ever and whenever. AR increases conversion rates, reduces returns and boosts buying confidence.


REYDAR web-based AR and 3D Viewer are cross-platform and work seamlessly on iOS and Android devices, ensuring that customers can experience your products on any device and can access and view your experience without the need for an App.

REYDAR 3D Viewer integration

REYDAR AR Viewer is integrated with the Reydar 3D Viewer enabling online and digital AR activations from any website, from any physical location or printed marketing and advertising collateral.

REYDAR AR Viewer enables AR product experiences from websites, print and in real-world locations

The Reydar 3D Viewer

E-commerce websites

Printed brochures

Printed Ads & Marketing

Digital banners and ads

Zoom, Teams and webinars 

Connected product packaging

In-store & real-world locations

AR Stats


AR experiences deliver double the levels of engagement compared to their non AR equivalent


L’Oreal's E-Commerce sales were up 49% in 2019 largely driven by customers having a chance to try before they buy using Augmented Reality


AR media is 3x more memorable compared to traditional non-AR media

REYDAR Web Based AR Viewer FAQs

  • How do I order my product models?

  • How do I embed the Reydar AR Viewer into my website?

  • How do I create an account on ReyEngine?

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