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How can augmented reality help your industry?

Augmented reality allows your business’s marketing, product, internal communications, and retail teams to blend digital and physical initiatives together. With AR, you have the ability to engage your audience with a range of engaging digital content. If you’ve ever wondered how AR can be the right fit for your industry, take a look below at our examples.

Computer & Tech

The computer and technology field is one of the fastest expanding global industries, and by utilising Reydar’s augmented reality platform brands can immediately showcase themselves as market innovators. Getting your products directly in front of customers wherever they are through interactive 3D AR experiences is just the start. With Reydar’s CMS, building campaigns that bring your complex tech products to life is now achievable for any brand.

CASE STUDY: Reimagining the office workplace into a virtual 3D sales experience


For the financial sector, the Reydar AR platform is a unique channel that can be used to increase engagement with clients, investors, and employees. Whether it’s crafting an AR hologram video for employee training purposes or bringing a printed annual report to life with 3D data visualisations, Reydar has the power to add value at every level.

CASE STUDY: Modernising the annual report with interactive AR 

FMCG & Retail

For the retail industry, customers already have knowledge of augmented reality experiences and have high expectations regarding the purchase journey, from online research through to online and in-store purchasing. Whether it’s try-before-you-buy clothing or placing virtual furniture in your home, AR can super-charge the shopping experience for customers and contribute to higher conversion rates.

CASE STUDY: How Exertis switched the retail shopping experience into a fully interactive mixed reality portal


Through Reydar’s AR platform, B2B businesses can gain a substantial competitive advantage with enhanced sales collateral and purchasing experiences. B2B companies can craft marketing materials with 3D product demonstrations to bring products to life for customers whilst using analytics to refine and optimise activity throughout the sales funnel.

CASE STUDY: Unlocking promotional content with a magical AR PingRey


For publishers, the Reydar AR platform can be employed as a highly valuable add-on to your existing products. Ping printed publications to life with animated videos that pop out of the page and then analyse the data on view counts and enquiries within your publication. From annual reports and marketing brochures, to magazines and newsletters, Reydar can enhance your print products with engaging and immersive digital content.

CASE STUDY: How the Engineering Design Show used AR to mesmerise attendees and boost ticket sales

Tourism & Events

The opportunities in the events and tourism sector are endless with Reydar’s AR app. Whether it’s offering visitors their own virtual tour guide that enables them to interact with pieces of fine art in museums, or AR treasure hunts that gamify event spaces, Reydar can unlock the power of AR for the sector.

CASE STUDY: Inspiring families to connect with Scottish heritage through AR

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