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Build your AR strategy with Reydar

Reydar’s custom app solutions give you complete control over the delivery channel and activation point of your AR or 3D experiences. All options integrate directly with ReyEngine so you’ll be able to measure every scan, tap and social share of your campaign or product experience.

Channel – App

We’ve got it all covered with flexible app options

Reydar App

Our free-to-download flagship app

The Reydar app offers a frictionless experience for users – they simply scan to unlock the magic.

New Scanning App

Your own branded scanning app

Don’t have an app? No problem. We can white-label the Reydar app or our in-house app development team can work with you to build a custom branded scanning app that’s designed to your specifications.

Embed Into Your App

Bring the power of Reydar to your app

Drive app downloads and increase engagement with augmented reality by integrating Reydar into your existing app.

Channel – Web

Immerse your customers with Pops, Pings and Plays as they browse online

ReyWeb AR

Bring the power of Reydar 3D products to your online product pages.

View 3D products and experiences from the ReyBeam network on your website.

ReyWeb Viewer

Real-world tracking, trigger from faces, marketing images such as posters, brochures, online QR codes, products, packaging real-world locations

Channel – Triggers

Trigger from anything, across any channel, to anyone

In-App Reys Menu

Trigger always-on campaigns, products and stores from the Reys menu.

Real-world Tracking

Track to real-world environments (powered by AR Kit and AR Core).

Ads & Marketing

Trigger from any predetermined brand, advertising and marketing images in print or online.

Product Pages

Turn your print into digital sales pieces with buy links.

QR Codes & Barcodes

Trigger from barcodes or ReyTags. We can also provide custom branded codes for specific use cases.

Digital Advertising

Trigger Reys from product images on digital banner advertising.

People & Faces

Track up to 3 faces at a time.

Packaging & POS

Provide deeper product engagement and offers to customers before they purchase.

Retail & Locations

Trigger exclusive products or experiences only at predetermined locations or via notifications.

Ping your products and
brand to life with Reydar

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your AR marketing experience.

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