Thaden – 3D & AR for eCommerce

We aided luxury fashion brand Thaden AG in effectively showcasing the premium quality of their products, a nuance often lost in regular photography and video.

Our bespoke REYDAR 3D and AR viewers significantly enhanced global customer engagement and led to substantial cost savings for Thaden AG.


What We Did:
– Concept development, 3D modelling and Visualisation, REYDAR 3D Viewer

– Fashion, Luxury

– Higher global visibility of products
– Increase in online engagement

The Challenge:
Thaden AG, a luxury fashion company known for their high-quality handbags and accessories, battled with the intricacies of communicating the superior quality of their products to a global audience. Their objective was to innovate and enable customers to visually appreciate their products worldwide, thereby enhancing their e-commerce initiatives and reducing costs aligned with product marketing.

Our Approach:
Our strategy consisted of a discovery phase, an insightful exploration of Thaden AG’s unique offerings, and a 3D model creation phase. By choreographing world-class 3D and AR models of their products, we paved the way to visualise their luxury offerings virtually.

The Output:
Our solution completely transformed Thaden’s luxury shopping experience, delivering unmatched fidelity in showcasing their products. This step towards novelty contributed to a multi-fold increase in global product visibility and reduced marketing expenditure due to cost-effective AR modelling. It reinforced Thaden’s commitment to innovating luxury shopping experiences while informing their future strategies with rich insights from user interactions with the AR models.

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