Virtual Events – 5 Benefits of Going Digital

Virtual events have appeared on everyone’s radar this year as a replacement for postponed and cancelled physical events.

Often referred to as the next best thing or a temporary measure, virtual events seem to be the second choice, so when things go back to ‘normal’  will they be shelved again to make way for their physical counterparts or could that change?

As restrictions prolong the restarting of physical events and virtual experiences become more and more widely adopted, the benefits are becoming clear.

Below are five ways virtual events outshine their physical contemporaries:

1. Going Green

One of the immediate and obvious beneficiaries to going virtual is the environment. Both internationally and nationally attended events cost the climate dearly in emissions from transport, power, materials and waste.

Virtual events, accessible without the need to jump on a plane, train or automobile or the need for a building, heat or power can immediately reduce these negative affects without compromising the key purposes of in-person events.

Images showing green energy, eco-friendly based diagrams - 5 benefits of going digital

2. On Demand

Physical events require you to be there when it is live, but with virtual events you can do things differently so your audience can attend when it suits them and consume content on their timetable (or timezone)?

Imagine an always-on immersive space with on-demand multi-media content. Add in some scheduled live sessions once a month, pop in new content and new features regularly to encourage repeat attendance. There are far less limitations in the virtual world and you are much more likely to achieve more get more interaction.

Case studies of Reydar virtual and digital experiences

3. Data

When you go digital you can track everything. Every click, view, dwell-time, interaction, is available to you. This will give you unparalleled insight into your customers’ interests and behaviours. Far more than you will ever get in the physical world.

Diagrams of pie charts and statistics - 5 benefits of going digital

4. Cheaper

When you take into consideration the design, build, manpower, transport, accommodation, food, and attendance costs associated with a physical event, the creation of a virtual one is a much more attractive proposition. On average the final cost of your event will be 75% cheaper than if you were to hold a physical event.

Images suggesting how cost effective virtual events are - 5 benefits of going digital

5. More accessible

Someone’s ability to attend physical events depends on many factors: location, time (remember this includes lost work and family time due to travel and overnight stays), costs and availability. Take away or reduce these by going virtual and you will immediately open up your potential attendee pool greatly.

Images presenting Reydars immersive virtual and digital experiences

The best of both worlds

While the virtual world can offer many benefits over the physical world, there will be some physical event attributes that can never be replaced digitally. With pros and cons for each, and virtual events becoming more and more accessible the choice is now yours and you can choose what is best for your experience.


Comparison between real world events and virtual events, merging to create a hybrid event

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