Reydar Brand Event Metaspace

The ultimate destination for your virtual brand event


Virtual events have taken on a new dimension

The ultimate virtual events solution that’s changing the way we experience events, exhibition stands, trade shows, conferences and summits forever.

Our Reydar Virtual Brand Event Metaspace solution is the key to getting your brand ‘metaverse-ready’ and providing your attendees with a brand experience in another dimension.


Reydar Virtual Event Metaspaces to check out

Engaging & Memorable Retail

Create an enhanced retail experience that enables your customers to interact with your 3D products in new and engaging ways.

Connect with your people

Host and invite attendees to your events, webinars, team call and meetings with customers, staff and key stakeholders.

Enhanced Brand Presence

Add an immersive shopping channel to your product marketing mix and expand your reach to the metaverse and beyond.

Reydar Virtual Event Metaspaces Features

Stunning immersive expression of your brand

Achieve more engagement and longer dwell times for visitors through rich and immersive content and experiences in context. Attendees can navigate your metaspace in live 3D that delivers an event space that is the ultimate expression of your brand in the Metaverse.

Reydar Connect Webinar add-on

Convert attendees into highly engaged brand advocates, self-qualified leads, new customers or more knowledgeable employees with Reydar Connect Live streams, on-demand video and live Q&A sessions.

Industry-leading AR add-ons

Industry-leading AR solutions are designed to transport products and experiences out of the browser and directly into your attendee’s home or office.

Gain valuable data and qualified leads

Convert attendees into highly engaged brand advocates, self-qualified leads, new customers or more knowledgeable employees.

Bespoke interior design and creative service

Bespoke experiences designed to bring your event to life, from shareable social activity to digital treasure hunts.

Channel agnostic metaverse experiences

Reydar solutions are scalable and available on any channel, and any device.

Reydar Virtual Event Metaspaces for any occasion

Exhibitions & trade shows

Set up a truly immersive event with exhibition stands where attendees can interact and demo immersive products in video, 3D, and in their own space via AR.

Training & learning environments

Take your training solutions to the next level with immersive experiences that bring learning to life.

Company events

From global team meetings, to internal product launches, and recruitment events, a virtual company event guarantees absolute engagement.

Hybrid Events

Hold a physical event, and stream it into your hub as experiences for your online audience.

Webinars & roundtable sessions

Bring groups of people together wherever they are by integrating virtual presentations into the 3D interactive environment to create a super-charged webinar experience.

Live conferences & events

Featuring a keynote event stage with live streams, an agenda, presenter biographies, and more!

Reydar Virtual Event Metaspaces Price Guide

We make it easy for you, with no steep software learning curves or building in-house multi-disciplined teams to manage. Reydar is a one-stop managed solution where we do it all for you within a budget that works for your business.

Reydar Metastore and Metaspace environments are customised to your exact brand requirements.
Get in touch to discuss and receive a tailored quote. 


Reydar Virtual Event Metaspaces FAQ’s

  • How do I get started with a Reydar virtual event?

  • How is a Reydar 3D immersive virtual event different from other virtual events?

  • What will my Reydar virtual event look like?

  • How will my virtual event experience be viewed?

Key benefits of Reydar Virtual Event Metaspaces

  • Expand or replace physical events and deploy your virtual event as an interactive 3D web-based experience or triggered as an AR experience on a mobile or tablet devices
  • Make products and services interactive and immersive by showcasing them as interactive 3D or AR experiences
  • Deliver your virtual event anytime, anywhere and directly to individual attendees – always on and live
  • Integrate gamification and virtual training features to deliver a more memorable and more engaging event
  • Capture powerful event analytics and insights to evaluate the impact of your event against key objectives and feed into sales pipelines to deliver self qualified leads

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Reydar Connect

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Reydar Event App

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Reydar AR Viewer

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Ping your event to life with Reydar

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