Reydar Virtual Metastore

The ultimate virtual retail stores and showrooms


The time is right for a shopping revolution

With a predicted market value of $800 billion by 2024, the metaverse is widely seen as integral to global consumer behaviour now and in the future.

Our Reydar Virtual Metastore solution is the key to getting your products ‘metaverse-ready’ and providing your brand with a huge competitive advantage.

Whether it’s a virtual and immersive retail environment that replicates real-world shopping experiences, or a unique other-world experience, the Reydar Virtual Metastore solution enables customers from around the world to discover, explore and buy your products, through an enhanced customer experience.

Virtual Retail Stores and Showrooms have taken on a new dimension

The ultimate virtual retail solution that’s changing the way we experience showrooms, retail stores and products forever.


Reydar Virtual Metastores to check out

Engaging & Memorable Retail

Create an enhanced retail experience that enables your customers to interact with your 3D products in new and engaging ways.

Better Buying Decisions

Help customers quickly and easily process product information (i.e. colour options, technical specifications) in a new dimension during the purchase journey.

Enhanced Brand Presence

Add an immersive shopping channel to your product marketing mix and expand your reach to the metaverse and beyond.

Reydar Virtual Metastore Features

Bespoke Branded 3D showroom

Creating a memorable online experience within a live 3D environment with a realistic look & feel that reflects your brand’s vision, providing a customer journey that is more intuitive, engaging, personal & immersive, extending beyond any physical barriers.

Stunning and immersive 3D products

All products in the Reydar Virtual Metastore are created as high-quality 3D models and rendered in real-time 3D. Add hotspots that track to your 3D product and embed videos, images and links to maximise conversions.

Industry-leading AR add-ons

Industry-leading AR solutions are designed to transport products and experiences out of the browser and directly into your attendee’s home or office.

Global and local brand presence

Your Reydar Virtual Metastore is an always-on destination for your customers to explore. Localisation options enable your brand to connect with your customers in context – any time, any language, anywhere.

Gain valuable data and qualified leads

Convert attendees into highly engaged brand advocates, self-qualified leads, new customers or more knowledgeable employees.

Powerful shopper insights for better conversions

Make smarter decisions with powerful shopper analytics built into your Reydar Virtual Metastore that are designed to drive better conversions across all of your retail marketing channels.

Reydar Virtual Metastores are perfect for

Showrooms & demo labs

Showcase configurable and interactive 3D products, from the latest laptop to the next generation concept cars, with the ultimate virtual showroom experience.

Virtual retail stores

Create a unique retail environment free from the constraints of traditional retail spaces and take your customers to the future of virtual shopping.

Product launches

Invite target customers to your exclusive event and enable conversations around your product that can be brought to life in AR.

Reydar Virtual Metastore Price Guide

We make it easy for you, with no steep software learning curves or building in-house multi-disciplined teams to manage. Reydar is a one-stop managed solution where we do it all for you within a budget that works for your business.

Reydar Metastore retail environments are customised to your exact brand requirements.
Get in touch to discuss and receive a tailored quote. 


Key benefits of Reydar Virtual Metastores

  • Expand or replace physical store and deploy your retial store as an interactive 3D web-based experience or triggered as an AR experience on a mobile or tablet devices
  • Make products and services interactive and immersive by showcasing them as interactive 3D or AR experiences
  • Always on destination with a global reach
  • Capture powerful event analytics and insights to evaluate the impact of your event against key objectives and feed them into sales pipelines to deliver self-qualified leads

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Ping your products to life with Reydar

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