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The ultimate virtual event experience

Virtual events have taken on a new dimension

The ultimate virtual events solution that’s changing the way we experience exhibitions, events, showrooms, retail, trade shows, conferences, roundtable sessions and products forever.

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Key benefits of Reydar virtual events

  • Expand or replace physical events and deploy your virtual event as an interactive 3D web-based experience or triggered as an AR experience on a mobile or tablet devices
  • Make products and services interactive and immersive by showcasing them as interactive 3D or AR experiences
  • Deliver your virtual event anytime, anywhere and directly to individual attendees – always on and live
  • Integrate gamification and virtual training features to deliver a more memorable and more engaging event
  • Capture powerful event analytics and insights to evaluate the impact of your event against key objectives and feed into sales pipelines to deliver self qualified leads

The ultimate virtual event platform with live event and AR integration

  • Create unique 3D immersive and explorable environments that replicate the real world or take your visitors to new destinations
  • Deliver unique and personal product experiences that bring products to life in context
  • Achieve more engagement and longer dwell times for visitors through rich and immersive content and experiences
  • Convert visitors into high quality, self qualified leads, new customers or more knowledgeable employees

Live event upgrades

  • Our experienced production team will set up high quality, branded live streams with 4G back-up to ensure content is always accessible
  • Support by our production professionals will provide you with everything you need from tech rehearsals and slide decks to integrated public and 121 chat

AR upgrades

  • Industry-leading AR solutions designed to transport products and experiences out of the browser and directly into your visitors home
  • Bespoke experiences designed to bring your event to life, from shareable social activity to digital treasure hunts

Check out the digital hub and product experience for Exertis including AR upgrade

Virtual events for any occasion

Showrooms & demo labs

Showcase configurable and interactive 3D products, from the latest laptop to the next generation concept cars, with the ultimate virtual showroom experience.

Training & learning environments

Take your training solutions to the next level with immersive experiences that bring learning to life.

Company events

From global team meetings, to internal product launches, and recruitment events, a virtual company event guarantees absolute engagement.

Virtual retail stores

Create a unique retail environment free from the constraints of traditional retail spaces and take your customers to the future of virtual shopping.

Exhibitions & trade shows

Set up a truly immersive event with exhibition stands where attendees can interact and demo immersive products in video, 3D, and in their own space via AR.

Live conferences & events

Featuring a keynote event stage with live streams, an agenda, presenter biographies, and more!

Product launches

Invite target customers to your exclusive event and enable conversations around your product that can be brought to life in AR.

Exhibition stands & booths

Bespoke virtual exhibition stand designs that bring your brand and products to life and enable you to stand out from the competition.

Webinars & roundtable sessions

Bring groups of people together wherever they are by integrating virtual presentations into the 3D interactive environment to create a super-charged webinar experience.

Hybrid Events

Hold a physical event, and stream it into your hub as experiences for your online audience.


Virtual Events FAQ’s

How do I get started with a Reydar virtual event?

It’s easy, get in touch and set up a Reydar virtual events demo where we can discuss your event requirements in more detail. Once we’ve agreed commercials you’ll get a dedicated virtual event project manager who will get you up and running.

How is a Reydar 3D immersive virtual event different from other virtual events?

Most virtual event solutions on the market are little more than enhanced event websites whereas Reydar’s virtual event platform provides you with a super-charged virtual event experience jam-packed with unique 3D immersive and explorable event spaces and enhanced AR content.

What will my Reydar virtual event look like?

You’ll get a high-quality, custom-branded 3D event environment with a reception, main stage, showroom, breakout rooms, and a help desk. As well as being able to replicate a real world event space we can also take your visitors to new virtual destinations as part of a bespoke solution.

How will my virtual event experience be viewed?

Your virtual event experience will be accessed via a bespoke Reydar domain through a web browser. Enhanced AR content is accessed via the Reydar AR app or a branded version of the app and is available for Apple and Android devices.

How will my live event upgrade be managed on the big day?

Our live event upgrades are designed to work in the same way as production support on traditional physical events, with technical support before, during and after your event from a dedicated technical production team.

How do the virtual event AR upgrades work?

You can choose from pre-defined AR packages or we can create a bespoke AR solution for you that includes everything from AR product demos to AR goodie bag treasure hunts. Event visitors then simply download the Reydar AR app to trigger the AR amazing experiences!

How can I sell virtual event space (i.e. exhibition stands, main stage time) to exhibitors and sponsorship packages?

Just like a traditional physical event, all areas of the virtual event can be sold to exhibitors and sponsors. Unlike a traditional physical event, you’re not restricted to limited space or static event graphics – you can sell as much space as you want and sponsors can integrate a range of enhanced content. All you have to do is sell the virtual dream!

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