UPS – Dubai Expo 3D Virtual Event Metaspace

HIVE by UPS Innovation Metaspace

Introducing a unique immersive metaverse experience – the HIVE by UPS

UPS is one of the world’s biggest global shipping and logistics companies with a business model that has innovation at its core.

To showcase the company’s innovation, imagination, and invention at the delayed Expo 2020, We worked closely with 1920 Worldwide Agency to deliver an industry-first 3D immersive metaverse experience powered by Reydar – HIVE by UPS.

3D immersive brand event metaspace

HIVE by UPS is a truly immersive 3D digital pavilion that is home to a diverse range of interactive exhibits, organised into various thematic zones and each one showcasing the future of logistics.

The HIVE seamlessly blends familiar real-world digital spaces with metaverse-only experiences to create a unique digital space that anyone can explore and interact with.

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Integrating AI into the HIVE metaspace

From virtual avatars of UPS c-suite leaders introducing the seven immersive and interactive zones, to guided tours of the HIVE, visitors that are new to the metaverse can easily find their way around and interact with 3D models, digital display plinths, walking-talking content portals, and a range of video content.

The whole metaverse experience is also backed by an integrated AI chatbot – the Waggle Bot – that is on-hand to provide assistance throughout the experience.

Reydar CMS and multi-channel deployment

The whole metaverse solution sits on the Reydar platform and all content is dynamic and powered by a single CMS which also handles the multiple language options that make HIVE by UPS a truly globally accessible innovation.

As well as accessible multi-language content, HIVE by UPS is a super-charged multi-channel metaverse solution that has so far been deployed via web browsers, a mobile and tablet app (iOSand Android), VR, and via a large touchscreen display at physical events.

The ultimate metaverse platform

With powerful analytics underpinning the experience, HIVE by UPS is leading the way for brands looking to harness the opportunities that the metaverse offers.

HIVE by UPS enables customers, visitors and innovators to travel to the world of UPS’s future in ways that were, until very recently, impossible. This is all made possible by the ultimate metaverse platform – Reydar. With new features, new content, and new experiences being added all of the time, HIVE by UPS is showcasing innovation through a truly innovative solution.





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Web browser, iPhone, iPad and Android App, VR, Touchscreen

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