ReyBeam Product Network

High-quality 3D model creation, optimisation, and management for web, AR and the metaverse


ReyBeam is the perfect platform for connecting your interactive 3D products with your customers

ReyBeam Product Network is the first end-to-end 3D product marketing platform with everything you need to manage and optimise your 3D models for an immersive experience.

Fully Scalable Cloud Solution

ReyBeam Product Network has been built with a global, connected customer base in mind. There are no limits on how many 3D products you can manage, or where they are distributed to.

Quality & Consistency

By strictly managing the quality and format of the 3D models, we are able to guarantee that your 3D products will look amazing everywhere and anywhere.

Reduce Costs

Save time and money with a quick 3D product uploading process and low set-up and management costs for long-term virtual storage of your 3D product assets.



A completely scalable solution

Whether your products are highly technical and aimed at a B2B audience or you need to showcase your entire product catalogue to the thousands in the B2C markets, the ReyBeam Product Network scales to your specific needs.


Simplicity, but at its most powerful

Managing your models is simple, simply upload your 3D models (or let us help you create them), add in any product details, and then integrate them into your website, augmented reality, or virtual experience using our suite of products.


These brands are already revolutionising their product growth with REYDAR.

ReyBeam Product Network Features



Safe and secure 3D product storage

Securely store all of your 3D product assets in one place and scale up to include multiple product ranges and variants, all in one place. You can securely store entire digital product catalogues covering a wide range of models, SKUs, and configurations. All of your product models are ready to be deployed at a moments notice.



Stunning, simple, and fast 3D model creation

Our intuitive platform makes it simple to turn your 2D product images into immersive 3D models with speed and precision. High-quality and fast 3D model creation has never been easier. All we need is your reference photos or CADs and let REYDAR do the rest.


Optimised for the future

3D products on the ReyBeam Product Network are automatically optimised for the device and channel that your customers are using, future-proofing your 3D product for your marketing collateral, virtual spaces, and beyond.

Get your 3D models created in 3 simple steps

If you already have your own 3D product assets then there’s nothing stopping you from getting started on the ReyBeam Product Network.

1. Upload

Contact us and we can build your 3D models, or upload your 3D product models in FBX format to ReyBeam Product Network via your ReyEngine CMS Login.

2. Configure

Configure your 3D products in the REYDAR 3D and AR viewers for use across all web, AR, and metaverse experiences.

3. Embed

Embed REYDAR 3D Viewer into your website or virtual experience or add a REYDAR QR Code to your marketing collateral to enable REYDAR AR Viewer experiences.

REYDAR 3D & AR Solutions

Virtual Product Viewer


Virtual Samples Viewer


Product Configurator


Ping Your Products To Life.

Ready to transform the way your customers experience your products? Well, let’s get started then.

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ReyBeam Product Network FAQs

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