3D & Augmented Reality for eCommerce

Create unforgettable shopping experiences with 3D & AR for eCommerce



Immersive 3D & augmented reality for your eCommerce website that fuels engagement and drives conversions through immersive experiences.


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Product visualisation can deliver 5 x conversion rates

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What is stored, or encoded into memory is 70% higher for 3D & AR experiences

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3D & AR delivers 1.9 times
the levels of visual attention compared to non-AR equivalent

Easily integrate REYDAR 3D & AR visualisers into any eCommerce platform or CMS

No hassle installation, our 3D & AR visualisers for eCommerce can be integrated into your website with a single embed code.

An iMac computer with a 3D model on the screen created by REYDAR.



Every product, from every angle, showing every detail

REYDAR 3D & AR for eCommerce totally transforms the way your customers can explore your products. Boosting buying confidence, reducing returns, and increasing satisfaction.


Curious? Don’t be shy, try it out…

View the product in 3D

Select a view

Explore product hotspots

AR visualise in your own space

These brands are already revolutionising their product growth with REYDAR.



Virtual products, delivering real results

3D and augmented reality products that convert browsers into buyers

Totally transform the way that customers experience and understand your products, with 3D and AR, your customers have the freedom to explore your products at any time, anywhere.




3D digital twins that look like the real thing

REYDAR 3D & AR for eCommerce immerses your audience in a new realm of lifelike product experiences and virtual shopping exploration.


Features that keep conversions coming

The best visual experiences

Stunning product experiences no matter your product size or complexity

Simplistic, easy integration

Not a developer? No problem, visualisers are installed with a single line of code

Augmented reality ready

Augmented reality comes as standard with all REYDAR visualisers

Unlimited exploration

From every nook to each cranny, there are no limits on product exploration

Responsive, cross-device

Visualisers work on any device and on any operating system

Anywhere, anytime

Customers can experience your products anywhere, at any time, at the touch of a button

Boost buyer confidence

Give control to your customers by letting them have control over your product

Real-time updates

Your models can be updated in real-time as the customers change material, poses, colour, and more

3D & AR eCommerce packages

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Product Viewer

Elevate shopping experiences, driving customer confidence and satisfaction with powerful 3D/AR visualisation.

A 3D model of a HP laptop which has a grey keyboard and trackpad.

• Essential 3D and AR technology
• Basic functionality with seamless experience
• Engaging visual content
• Omni-channel & Real-world deployment
• GA4 analytics
• Standard customer support

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Product Explorer

Boost customer trust and engagement with advanced and enriched interactive 3D/AR product exploration.

A 3D model of an Otrivin nose spray on a white background with a large blue circle.
• Interactive 3D and AR technology
• Hotspots offering additional media and content
• In-depth exploration of products
• Omni-channel & Real-world deployment
• GA4 analytics
• Premium customer support

Product Selector

Unleash ultimate customisation and interactive shopping experiences, driving conversions with superior visualisation.

A 3D model of the Crane Hygienic Ball Valve.
• Advanced 3D and AR technology
• Select variants such as colour, size, pose etc
• In-depth product exploration with hotspots and additional content
• Omni-channel & Real-world deployment
• GA4 analytics
• Premium customer support

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Ping Your Products To Life.

Ready to transform the way your customers experience your products? Well, let’s get started then.

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