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The ultimate 3D and augmented reality samples visualiser

Experience the future of samples with our cutting-edge augmented reality product sample visualisers, and revolutionise your shopping experience.


A row of brands that REYDAR has produced samples for.

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REYDAR Virtual Products Samples reduce decision making time by up to 50%

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Virtual Product Samples deliver 5x more conversions than static imagery

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80% increase in customer engagement and interaction with REYDAR augmented reality

Virtual Product Samples for…

Transform your customer experience instantly with immersive virtual product samples



Samples, at the touch of a button

Shopping with REYDAR puts product samples at your fingertips. Our wide selection of sample sizes makes it easy to visualise items in your own space. Experience an immersive new way to shop from the comfort of home – just a click away.




A new era of product exploration with AR

Augmented reality takes sampling to a whole new level of realism. With our visualiser, customers can virtually place and interact with product samples in their own environment, experiencing lifelike textures, accurate sizing, and realistic lighting.



Time and cost savings

Customers no longer need to visit physical stores or wait for samples to be delivered. Now they can instantly preview your whole product catalogue, experience them in their own space, and make well-informed decisions.


Improve your sales team, improve your sales

Bolster your salesforce artillery by allowing them to carry your whole product catalogue in their pocket, ready to showcase and demo at a moment’s notice, in any space.

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View the flooring in 3D

Select a sample

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How do I get started?


Send product images and dimensions, or we can create them if you don’t have them.

Unique types of virtual samples layered on top of one another with a product spec guide on top.



REYDAR creates and configures your product’s virtual samples and viewers.

A 3D modelled rug that has a geometric pattern on it.


integrate the virtual products on your website with a single embed code.

A phone and a desktop PC showcasing 3D and AR virtual samples on screen.

A room sampler that makes shopping simpler, smarter, and easier

Realistic visualisation

Get an accurate, realistic visualisation of products in your very own space, at the touch of a button

Try before you buy

Try out products in your own space before purchasing, giving you the freedom and control over your decisions

Accessibility, always

Your virtual samples can be accessed from anywhere, at any time

Augmented reality ready

Augmented reality comes as standard with all REYDAR visualisers

Simplistic, easy integration

Not a developer? No problem, visualisers are installed with a single embed code

Completely scalable

Our sample visualisation tool can work for both residential and commercial spaces


Our web-based sample visualiser is compatible with IOS and Android, and can be accessed on any browser


Samples can be used in marketing collateral to ensure consistency across communications

REYDAR Virtual Product Samples components

A selection of white 3D modelled products, including a camera and 3D printer.

Virtual Product Viewer

Close the imagination gap and increase conversions with the ultimate shopping tool.



A laptop with the Ultimkaer website on screen showcasing a 3D modelled version of their product.

3D Product Configurator

Let customers interact, explore, and configure your whole product catalogue.


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