Product Configurator

Product configuration that drives results, not complexity

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Product configuration that makes selling your products easy

Unlock a level of customisation that allows customers to make your products, their own.

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Product visualisation can deliver 5x conversion rates

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Retailers on average see a 94% conversion lift when adding a configurator to their purchase journey

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3D & AR delivers 1.9 times
the levels of visual attention compared to non-AR equivalent

Enterprise-level configurator that delivers real results


Let customers experience your products in a brand new way




Every level of product configuration

Show every product from your catalogue in every configuration. REYDAR technology allows you to showcase your products how your customers want to see them. From materials and colours to pose and surface, allow unlimited product configuration.


Virtually yours, configured products in augmented reality

Bring bespoke designs to life, allowing customers to preview one-of-a-kind products in AR before purchase. Let customers get a true feel for your products and build purchase confidence by experiencing products in their own space.


Increase sales whilst saving on resources

Configuration cures confusion. Offering complex or customisable products? Simplify the process for you and your customers with REYDAR product configuration. Our technology lets customers modify product configurations in real-time, allowing them to build their perfect product specification.

REYDAR is helping marketing, sales and product teams from the world’s best brands to revolutionise their product experiences.

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Product configurator features that keep conversions coming

The best visual experiences

Stunning product experiences no matter your product size or complexity

Augmented reality ready

Augmented reality comes as standard with all REYDAR visualiser

Unlimited exploration

From every nook to each cranny, there are no limits on product exploration

Boost buyer confidence

Give control to your customers by letting them have control over your products

Real-time updates

Your models are updated in real time as the customer chooses poses, colours, and more

User friendly

With the REYDAR intuitive UI, it;s easier than ever for your customer to configure and explore products

Simplistic, easy integrations

Not a developer? No problem, visualisers are installed with a single line of code


your virtual products can be used across marketing channels for consistent branding and customer experiences


Solutions that work seamlessley everywhere

App-based configurator

The best quality product configurator. Our intuitive app-based configurators allow you to easily customise complex products to exact specifications. Apps can be built to your exact specifications with completely custom branding.

Web-based configurator

The most accessible product configurator. Experience the most accessible product customisation with our user-friendly web-based configurator. The streamlined process showcases your products beautifully in both 3D and AR.

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