Augmented Reality Flooring Visualiser

Close the imagination gap with our revolutionary virtual flooring visualiser




Transform your customer engagement, reduce decision-making time, and increase conversions with our real-time augmented reality virtual flooring visualiser


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Live floor visualisation in any space, real-time through your smart device camera

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Stand out from the crowd with innovative 3D & AR floor visualisation technology

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Reduce ongoing costs, as well as increase engagement & conversions

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Completely scalable flooring visualiser solution

  • Easily integrate 3D and AR flooring visualisers into any platform or website with a simple embed code, that works on both mobile and desktop browsers
  • REYDAR 3D viewer flooring visualiser allows for multiple swatches and sizing options to make sure your customers can select the right floor for their environment
  • A simple click on the AR button will ping the flooring into your customers’ space, or desktop users can scan the QR code using their smart device

Easily embed Virtual Flooring Visualiser into your website or eCommerce platform

Let REYDAR do the heavy lifting, once we have created 3D digital twins of your flooring catalogue they will be ready to be added to your eCommerce platform or website with just a single embed code.

The 3D product flooring visualiser displays freedom and depth that customers can explore, rotate, zoom, and inspect, like never before. Consumers can hand off to mobile to view your flooring in AR and instantly be taken back to your site to contact you or place orders.

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Trigger from your real-world physical samples

Add QR codes to your marketing collateral for a combination of a traditional and digital experience.

REYDAR QR codes can be printed or displayed on leaflets, brochures, videos, samples and more to ensure your customers have a connected experience.

Keep your customer in the purchase journey by linking them back to your website directly from the physical samples you send out.

Try a flooring visualiser demo now

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View the flooring in 3D

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Select a sample

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Explore product hotspots

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AR visualise in your own space

Introducing our state-of-the-art flooring visualiser tool, designed to revolutionise the way your customers explore and choose the perfect flooring for their space. Say goodbye to the hassle of physical samples and welcome the convenience of web-based augmented reality (AR) right at your fingertips.

With our flooring visualiser, you can effortlessly visualise different flooring options in your own home using your smartphone’s camera. Immerse yourself in a virtual world where you can see how various flooring materials, patterns, and colours complement your existing décor and transform your space.

This powerful tool empowers customers to make confident decisions by virtually trying out different flooring options, ensuring that they find the ideal match that aligns with their vision and style. With our flooring visualiser, you can bring your dream flooring to life, all from the comfort of your own home. Experience the future of floor shopping with our innovative and user-friendly flooring visualiser today.

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Unique benefits of REYDAR Virtual Flooring Visualiser

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