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Working with augmented reality since 2011 – creative AR studio

REYDAR augmented reality studio is populated by creative and technical experts with experience in developing award-winning AR solutions for the biggest brands in the world since 2011.

We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world to deliver not only some of the earliest AR campaigns out there but also some of the most innovative.


Addressing customer experience isn’t optional – it’s essential for businesses to survive and thrive. Is AR a key part of your CX strategy? A very sensible question to ask, but a difficult one to quantify.

Augmented reality needs to provide a meaningful and branded interaction. It needs to play an authentic role in customer experiences and be a gateway to a new reality of brand engagement that’s never been possible before. But there needs to be substance to the experience, and it must provide value to deliver more than just another marketing channel.

However, if your AR experiences provide a brand differentiator, new levels of convenience, speed, and a lasting brand impression, the return on investment can be significant.

The Drum reported that AR experiences “can lead to dwell times of over 85 seconds, interaction rates of up to 20% and click-through rates to purchase of 33%”

Adopters of AR technologies can still create competitive advantages, and here at Reydar, we’ve got an established reputation as a dependable AR technology partner. With a team of specialist consultants to assist in every aspect of implementing immersive AR experiences into your customer journeys, we’re more than just a technology provider.

Our consultancy and strategic-lead approach is centred on understanding the users, the business requirements, and the competitive landscape to ensure everything we do delivers measurable benefits.

Work by the Reydar Creative Studio

Our in-house team have led thousands of AR strategies, campaigns and activations over the past decade, winning awards and (more importantly) changing behaviours to help our partners meet their commercial and marketing objectives.