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Canon Vision: The ultimate virtual trade show experience

With many physical events forced to postpone or cancel altogether, the innovation team at Reydar has developed a revolutionary new way to bring real-world experiences to life. These experiences include exhibitions, trade shows, retail experiences and events.

Reydar has reproduced Canon’s trade show environment designed by their partner agency Matter in fully immersive 3D so customers can still explore products and solutions, even though 2020 trade shows have been cancelled.

Enjoy the experience from the comfort of your own home and uncover:

  • A familiar browsing experience
    A fully explorable environment in zones for easy navigation and intuitive browsing
  • Exclusive content
    Short film screenings, downloadable documents, image galleries, technical information, and product videos
  • Product expertise
    Including on-demand video from experts on a range of newly launched products
  • Canon expertise at your fingertips
    Contact forms for quick and easy engagement with product experts
  • View hero products in Reydar AR
    The latest Canon products that are showcased in 3D and triggered via QR code from the product page via the Reydar App

The Virtual Event Platform reproduces an exhibition floor that you can freely walk around to browse virtual booths and the products within them – just like you would in the real world. For quick navigation to a specific product, simply use the menu to teleport straight to it.

Products are displayed in zones for easy and familiar navigation. Each product is indicated by a clickable hotspot that uncovers a wealth of product information and content, such as beautifully rendered 3D representations of products, exclusive videos, image slideshows, and very soon the ability to trigger products in augmented reality to view in your own space.

Integrated Augmented Reality

You can now bring products out of the Canon Vision virtual event into your personal space with the power of Reydar augmented reality. Have a good look around each item, get a feel for how big it is and investigate all the details like you would if you were fully hands-on.

Trade show events are taking on a new dimension

This Virtual Event Platform for Canon has reproduced their exhibition stand from the renowned IBC Show floor designed by Matter, Canon’s partner agency.  This new online environment means brands can still showcase new products to their audience whilst physical events are cancelled.


Adoption of virtual events

Our interactive, multi-sensory, face-to-face reality is not available to us right now due to the pandemic. Event experiences have taken on a new dimension as the events industry rapidly speeds up the adoption of virtual events.

For Canon, Reydar has allowed the show to go on by using our 3D, immersive, and experiential virtual trade show with integrated AR.  The next best thing to actually being there.


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If you are interested in launching a virtual trade show and showcasing your products on Reydar, contact our expert team to find out how.

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