Toyo Tires – Proxes Comfort AR Virtual Product Launch

Toyo Tires

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Toyo Tires Comfort, the ultimate virtual product launch experience

Celebrating the launch of Toyo Tires new Proxes Comfort tire with an AR virtual product launch, users are able to view a digital-twin of the innovative tire in their own space at actual size, or a handy desktop size.

The AR App and experience help the user understand the Proxes Comfort tire’s premium levels of stability and comfort through interactive info panels floating around the virtual product, each housing multimedia content showcasing the great technical features of this premium tire.

The experience is triggered either by scanning the pages of the Proxes Comfort brochure or directly from the in-app menu where users can enable the AR experience using real-world tracking.

Toyo Tires Explorer

Proxes Comfort was developed to provide premium levels of stability and comfort for relaxed and enjoyable everyday driving. The new tread compound and internal structure of Proxes Comfort give the tire enhanced stability at speed along with confident handling and excellent braking.


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AR triggered from

Printed brochure and in-app menu

Try it yourself

Download the Toyo Tires Explorer app on iOS here or on Android here. If you are looking to Ping your brand to life and launch an AR campaign through Reydar, contact our expert team to find out how.

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