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Engineering Design Show

How the Engineering Design Show used AR to mesmerise attendees and boost ticket sales

Organisers of some of the UK’s largest trade shows, MA Exhibitions came to us because they needed their promotional campaign for the Engineering Design Show (EDS) to match the intellectual heights of their exhibitors and attendees.

As one of the leading engineering events in the UK, MA Exhibitions needed to wow their audience and in turn, increase ticket sales.

Using Reydar’s AR technology, the Engineering Design Show’s print advertising and digital banners were augmented to host an immersive, gamified interactive experience.

15,000 potential attendees received their invitation in the post along with an invite to engage with the EDS-branded interactive ‘robotic arm’

Once the user viewed the advert through their smartphone, through the PopRey technology, they could witness the material come to life and control the robot, viewing promotional videos with a call to action to purchase tickets. And that additional content accessed via the Reydar platform allowed MA Exhibitions to fully communicate the benefits of attending the show, resulting in uplifted engagement and attendance figures.

By incorporating augmented reality into the promotional collateral, MA Exhibitions target audience immediately understood how innovative the Engineering Design Show is. And the same at the event too – as the posters for the event were showcased around the centre encouraging users to engage with and share their augmented reality experience.


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