ICAEW – Membership Engagement AR Experience


Supporting over 180,000 chartered accountants to engage more

As a world-leading professional membership organisation, the ICAEW support over 180,000 chartered accountants and students globally.

Trusted to provide qualifications, expertise and insight into the accountancy industry, the ICAEW forms an integral part of the finance profession – protecting and supporting its integrity and development. 

With Reydar’s interactive AR technology we delivered an AR engagement campaign and PopRey experience, ICAEW has elevated their marketing collateral to a new level – bringing the content of their welcome pack to life in a completely innovative way for graduates and new recruits.

Unlocking an exclusive message from the ICAEW president

The augmented reality experience is triggered from the printed ICAEW welcome pack, which prompts users to download the free Reydar app and scan the main image, using Reydar’s Image Recognition technology, to unlock the exclusive content. 

From here, the user is greeted by the ICAEW president as an AR hologram figure, standing upon a plinth within the augmented scene and delivering a welcome speech.

This immersive experience prompts the user to explore the welcome pack, with links through to web pages and video content, as well as offering the opportunity to register.


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AR triggered from

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