Studio SAP – Promotional AR Connected Packaging Experience

Studio SAP

Bringing the brand to life with an augmented reality promo

As a successful branch of the global SAP brand, Studio SAP has established itself as the go-to providers of creative solutions for its clients, offering a range of services from event planning to video content creation.

Always ahead of the curve, Studio SAP was keen to showcase the potential of AR (augmented reality) to its clients. Reydar’s AR platform proved to be the perfect solution as the Studio SAP team were able to team up with Reydar’s award-winning AR experts to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AR technology through an interactive PingRey.

Unlocking promotional content with a magical AR PingRey

Utilising the advanced tracking capability of Reydar, a dynamic AR experience centred around a custom-designed branded Studio SAP mug was created.

Using the mug as the trigger opened up a world of possibility for creating a playful AR experience. A combination of video, animation, ambient sound, and interactivity all feature throughout the AR experience as Studio SAP’s clients are given a guided tour of the studio’s capabilities.

The augmented reality promo campaign was deployed through Reydar and provides Studio SAP’s clients with a unique insight into the power of AR for their brand.


Corporate, B2B, Marketing



AR triggered from

Bespoke promotional mug, Reys menu

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