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Augmented reality screen visualiser for B2B market

As a leading supplier of technology solutions to a global network of companies, Exertis require the highest level of innovation when it comes to providing their customers with the best product experiences.

So, when they approached us looking for a way to present their extensive range of Samsung large format display (LFD) screens, we knew we needed to deliver something special that goes above and beyond.

Exertis were already making use of a simple online product visualiser to show the different combinations of screens in a contextualised environment; we decided to run with this idea and expand on it to create a fully immersive screen visualiser. Utilising Reydar’s core functionality of PlaceRey to display the product in customers own personal space, and PingRey to provide context and configuration options around the product in VR, we were able to fully showcase the capability of the product.

Introducing the next generation AR product visualiser

Upon scanning the Samsung LFD print advertisement with Reydar’s Image Recognition technology, the customer is presented with two options; they can Place an LFD screen in their environment to view it at actual size in full 3D, or they can Ping the product range to life at the touch of the Reydar button, launching instantly a fully interactive 360 environment in which they can view and configure the screens into an arrangement that suits their requirements.

The 3D scene is fully customisable, with the customer being able to set the number of panels required, orientation, width and height of the room to suit their requirements, as well as the number and configuration options.

This product visualisation tool allows customers to close the imagination gap, explore the products, configure to their needs and contact a sales representative all without having to leave the comfort of their home or office.

Customers can view the LFD screens in all their glory, stacked atop one another to create vast video walls – perfect for all sorts of uses, from festivals and retail to sports stadiums.

Viewing the augmented reality screens in context like this gives the customer a reliable sense of how they will look in their selected environment – they can even choose to remove the 3D environment to place their screen configuration on their own wall.


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Enhancing the sales process with AR product visualisation

Viewing products in the AR space encourages potential customers to form an emotional connection to the products and brand; visualising how they will resolve a particular problem and minimising the gap between consideration and purchase.

To discuss how your brand could develop a unique product visualisation tool and Ping your product range to life with Reydar, get in touch with our expert team today.

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