Virtual Metaspaces

Transform your brand experience with our virtual showrooms and stores


Let your customers experience your brand anytime, anywhere

We are redefining brand experiences with immersive virtual environments that evoke powerful responses from stunning immersive experiences.



71% of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR


11x more likely to convert when engaging in 3D experiences


66% of shoppers agree that 3D & AR boost buying confidence

The ultimate virtual destination

Bespoke and branded virtual environments

Create immersive and memorable online virtual experiences with a realistic look and feel that represents your brand’s identity and vision.

Release your brand from physical constraints and give your audience a seamless customer journey that is more personal, immersive, engaging and intuitive.


Valuable experiences that create valuable data

Make smarter, more meaningful decisions with powerful engagement analytics built into your REYDAR virtual environment.

Identify consumer patterns and behaviours to optimise marketing strategies, improve product offerings, and enhance the virtual experience.


Connect your brand to customers anywhere

Your REYDAR virtual metaspace is an always-on destination for your customers to explore.

Localisation options enable your brand to connect with your customers in context – any time, any language, anywhere.



REYDAR virtual environments are perfect for…

Exhibitions & trade shows

Set up a truly immersive event with exhibition stands where attendees can interact and demo immersive products in video, 3D, and in their own space via AR.

Training & learning environments

Take your training solutions to the next level with immersive experiences that bring learning to life.

Company events

From global team meetings, to internal product launches, and recruitment events, a virtual company event guarantees absolute engagement.

Hybrid Events

Hold a physical event, and stream it into your hub as experiences for your online audience.

Webinars & roundtable sessions

Bring groups of people together wherever they are by integrating virtual presentations into the 3D interactive environment to create a super-charged webinar experience.

Live conferences & events

Featuring a keynote event stage with live streams, an agenda, presenter biographies, and more!

Showrooms & demo labs

Showcase configurable and interactive 3D products, from the latest laptop to the next generation concept cars, with the ultimate virtual showroom experience.

Virtual retail stores

Create a unique retail environment free from the constraints of traditional retail spaces and take your customers to the future of virtual shopping.

Product launches

Invite target customers to your exclusive event and enable conversations around your product that can be brought to life in AR.

Virtual environments that deliver real results

Canon – Virtual Exhibition Stand


Ultimaker – Virtual Showroom


Platform features and capabilities

Industry-leading AR add-ons

Bring products and experiences out of the browser and into your own space

Virtual experiences, real data

Analyse customer interactions in your virtual experiences to drive meaningful actions

The best visual experiences

Stunning visuals that encourage engagement and drive interactivity

Fully tailored experiences

Customise your virtual space to suit your needs and requirements

Cost and time savings

Save on costs and time by eliminating the need for physical environments

Unmatched accessibility

Your virtual space can be accessed from anywhere in the world, all you need is a device and internet connection

Realistic and immersive

3D virtual environments provide immersive experiences that feel realistic and engage users


Make the most of your virtual space and use it across marketing collateral for a more connected brand experience

Ping Your Products To Life.

Ready to transform the way your customers experience your brand? Well, let’s get started then.

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