Virtual Product Visualisation

Create stunning product experiences with the power of 3D & AR



Revolutionise customer decision-making

We experience our lives in 3D space, it’s how we learn, engage, and understand at our best, that’s why our mission is to empower people to explore and experience products in a whole new way, anywhere at any time.

REYDAR’s Virtual Product Viewer revolutionises customer decision-making and supercharges brand experiences.


Embrace the future of product experiences


The way brands and consumers interact with each other continues to change – with the adoption of Web 3.0 brands will be able to engage and create experiences for their consumers like never before. REYDAR’s Virtual Product Viewer is built to unlock the huge potential of tomorrow’s Spatial Web technology today, by building better product experiences and higher brand retention.


Product visualisation can deliver 5 x conversion rates


What is stored, or encoded into memory is 70% higher for 3D & AR experiences


3D & AR delivers 1.9 times
the levels of visual attention compared to non-AR equivalent

REYDAR is helping marketing, sales and product teams from the world’s best brands to revolutionise their product experiences.


The ultimate web 3 product explorer


Stunning 3D & Immersive AR product viewer

Expertly designed, visually stunning. Create digital twins of your product catalogue to be experienced with REYDAR 3D technology.

Close the imagination gap, reduce uncertainty. Products can be experienced like never before, in any space, at any time, all in real-time.




The ultimate Product Explorer

Boost customer trust and engagement with advanced and enriched interactive 3D and AR product exploration. Enhance the effectiveness of your content with REYDAR hotspots to provide a richer, and more engaging experience for your audience.




Flexible & adaptable Product Selector

Sell complex products? No problem. With REYDAR you can create the product experience you need today by providing customisable and configurable options to customers, all just a few clicks away.

Try it out for yourself

View the product in 3D

Select a model

Explore product hotspots

AR visualise in your own space

Virtual Product Visualiser features

The best visual experiences

Stunning product experiences no matter your product size or complexity

Simplistic, easy integration

Not a developer? No problem, visualisers are installed with a single line of code

Accessibility, always

Virtual Products Visualisation does not require any downloads, it’s all web-based

Augmented reality ready

Augmented reality comes as standard with all REYDAR visualisers

Unlimited exploration

From every nook to each cranny, there are no limits on product exploration

Responsiveness, cross-device

Visualisers work on any device and on any operating system

Omnichannel experiences

your virtual products can be used across marketing channels for consistent branding and customer experiences

Anywhere, anytime

Customers can experience your products anywhere, at any time, at the touch of a button

Easily integrate REYDAR 3D & AR Viewers into any eCommerce platform or CMS

No hassle installation, our 3D & AR viewers can be integrated into your website with a single embed code.


Omnichannel product experiences

Virtual product visualisation is not just a digital experience, your virtual products can be adopted into the real world. From TV, billboards, and print to social media, metaverse, and virtual experiences, your virtual products truly have no limit or restrictions.


Add an extra dimension to your website

Bring your products to life and get unrivalled customer engagement across all of your digital channels on any screen size, with quick and easy integration. Integration can be into your company’s website and eCommerce platforms to touch screens and VR headsets.

REYDAR Product Visualiser offers limitless product experience for websites, print and in real-world locations

The Reydar 3D Viewer

E-commerce websites

Printed brochures

Printed Ads & Marketing

Digital banners and ads

Zoom, Teams and webinars 

Connected product packaging

In-store & real-world locations

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