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Transform Your Product Marketing with Reydar 3D and AR Experiences

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Drive more sales with Reydar, the award-winning 3D and Augmented Reality platform

Experience before you buy with the ultimate immersive shopping platform that’s changing the way we experience products and retail forever. With Reydar, your brand can easily create augmented reality and virtual product experiences from AR and virtual browsing, virtual live events and virtual showrooms to 3D product viewers and configurators.

See virtual products from webpages

Technology has transformed the way we search, explore and buy products. Reydar enables your customers to view and explore products virtually in 3D and AR.

Streamline the sales funnel

Consumers demand a more useful, engaging and inspiring experience. Enable customer to visualise, personalise and dream big by changing configurations, colours and features.

Host virtual events and showrooms

The physical high street can’t compete with the efficiencies of digital. Reydar adds context to your products and brand with the ultimate virtual event, showroom or brand environment.

Reydar supports the whole product lifecycle

Ping your brand and products to life with Reydar

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Add a 3D and AR layer to all your product touchpoints

Reydar Virtual Events and Showrooms

Recreate the real world and bring your brand and products to life in your virtual event, showroom, trade-show, exhibition stand or training environment that adds context to your products and brand.

  • Always-on immersive destination
  • Familiar browsing experience
  • 3D and AR product demonstrations
  • Live conference and webinar options
  • Connect with 121 or video chat
  • WebAR or App based AR options
  • Data tracking and analytics

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ReyWebAR product viewer

View and explore products virtually and in context. Embed virtual products into your product landing pages and convert more.

  • Virtually view products in the real world
  • 100% Browser based
  • iOS and Android devices
  • Live shadows and reflection maps

ReyWeb3D product viewer

Place photo-real virtual 3D products into your website. View from any angle and increase confidence to buy online.

  • Virtually view products in 3D
  • Bespoke configurations
  • 100% Browser based
  • High quality product rendering
  • Live shadows and reflection maps
  • Default views and interactive controls
Trusted by Morph Furniture
Trusted by Exertis

3D and AR enhanced Experiences

Pop adverts, packaging and product marketing touchpoints to life with 3D and AR enhanced experiences.

  • No-limit AR experiences
  • Bespoke and customised solution
  • App based product exploration
  • Reydar or bespoke Branded App options
  • Robust tigger and tracking options


Discover what’s possible with Reydar

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AR makes a lasting impression

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L’Oreal E-Commerce sales were up 49% in 2019 largely driven by customers having a chance to try before they buy using Augmented Reality


66% of shoppers think that AR would help them make a better buying decision**

1h 27m

Average dwell time for Ultimaker Virtual Showroom and Event attendees

Trusted by the worlds biggest brands

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Our expert team have been creating AR and virtual experiences since 2011, we would love to discuss your next project and discover how Reydar can transform your product marketing experiences.

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