3D & Augmented Reality

Create stunning product experiences that allow your customers to experience them anywhere




Enterprise visual commerce that transforms customer engagement, reduces decision-making time, and boosts buying confidence.


Increased Engagements

Web-based 3D & augmented reality viewers encourage inquisitive human nature and a sense of play through intuitive exploratory content, increasing imagination power.

Increased Conversions

Close the imagination gap and build confidence to purchase. 3D & AR content can increase conversion by up to 27.96% on retailer websites.

Increased Availability

Your customers no longer need to shop in-store, they can view and visualise the product whenever and where ever they are using 3D & AR product viewer technology.

Curious…? Don’t be shy, try it out…

View the product in 3D

Select a variant

Explore product hotspots

AR visualise in your own space

These brands are already revolutionising their product growth with REYDAR.


Features that make selling your products easier

Simple, fast, and accurate 3D model creation

Not sure where to start? No problem, we can build exact copies of your product in 3D, call them your digital twins. All we need is your reference photos and product information, or your CADs, and let REYDAR do the rest. Then you can manage all your digital twins in the ReyBeamProduct Network.


Augmented reality… as standard

Not only will your customers be able to explore, interact with, and view product variants on your website or platform in stunning 3D. But every visualiser comes with augmented reality as standard, meaning that your products can be viewed in your own space, all at the touch of a button.


Easier for your sales team to sell, easier for your customers to explore

Bolster your sales artillery by allowing them to carry your whole product catalogue in their pocket, ready to showcase and demo at any time, anywhere.

Give your customers the control and freedom to explore your products like they do in-store, but now, at home.

Easily integrate REYDAR 3D & AR visualisers into any eCommerce platform or CMS

No hassle installation, our 3D & AR visualisers for eCommerce can be integrated into your website with a single embed code.

REYDAR 3D & AR Product Visualiser limitless product experience for websites, print and in real-world locations

The Reydar 3D Viewer

E-commerce websites

Printed brochures

Printed Ads & Marketing

Digital banners and ads

Zoom, Teams and webinars 

Connected product packaging

In-store & real-world locations

REYDAR 3D & AR Solutions

Virtual Product Viewer


Virtual Samples Viewer


Product Configurator


Ping Your Products To Life.

Ready to transform the way your customers experience your products? Well, let’s get started then.

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