Virtual Metaspaces

The ultimate virtual destination for your brand


Reach wider audiences and unleash a new level of brand experience with REYDAR Virtual Metaspaces.



71% of consumers say they would shop more often if they used AR


11x more likely to convert when engaging in 3D experiences


66% of shoppers agree that 3D & AR boost buying confidence


Virtual Store Metaspaces

Whether it’s a virtual and immersive retail environment that replicates real-world shopping experiences, or a unique other-world experience, the REYDAR Virtual Metaspace solution enables customers from around the world to discover, explore and buy your products, through an enhanced customer experience.


Virtual Event Metaspaces

The ultimate virtual events solution. We are changing the way that we experience events, exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and summits forever.

REYDAR Virtual Event Metaspace’s allows you to create your dream destination for your stakeholders, gone are the limitations of physical spaces, and welcome the future of brand experiences.

Join the growing number of brands already using REYDAR to revolutionise their brand experience.


Features that keep your audience engaged


Spatial environments that build real connections

Your virtual space is bespoke to your brand, stakeholders, and requirements, meaning that you can deliver rich and immersive content experiences that fulfil purpose, ignite curiosity, and spark engagement.


Take your brand to your customers

Our cutting-edge augmented reality technology takes your products and brand experiences beyond just a website. It brings them directly into your customers’ homes and offices for a more immersive brand interaction. Rather than customers coming to you, take your brand to them.


Unmatched global accessibility

Our spatial metaverse environments allow you to connect with customers globally. Whether you want to simulate a retail store environment for virtual shopping or host a digital networking event for dispersed attendees, our virtual metaspaces make it possible.


REYDAR Virtual Metastores are perfect for

Showrooms & demo labs

Showcase configurable and interactive 3D products, from the latest laptop to the next generation concept cars, with the ultimate virtual showroom experience.

Virtual retail stores

Create a unique retail environment free from the constraints of traditional retail spaces and take your customers to the future of virtual shopping.

Product launches

Invite target customers to your exclusive event and enable conversations around your product that can be brought to life in AR.

REYDAR Virtual Event Metaspaces for…

Exhibitions & trade shows

Set up a truly immersive event with exhibition stands where attendees can interact and demo immersive products in video, 3D, and in their own space via AR.

Training & learning environments

Take your training solutions to the next level with immersive experiences that bring learning to life.

Company events

From global team meetings, to internal product launches, and recruitment events, a virtual company event guarantees absolute engagement.

Hybrid Events

Hold a physical event, and stream it into your hub as experiences for your online audience.

Webinars & roundtable sessions

Bring groups of people together wherever they are by integrating virtual presentations into the 3D interactive environment to create a super-charged webinar experience.

Live conferences & events

Featuring a keynote event stage with live streams, an agenda, presenter biographies, and more!


REYDAR Virtual  Metaspaces Price Guide

We make it easy for you, with no steep software learning curves or building in-house multi-disciplined teams to manage. REYDAR is a one-stop managed solution where we do it all for you within a budget that works for your business.

REYDAR virtual metaspaces are customised to your exact brand requirements.
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Ping Your Products To Life.

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