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Creating a winning virtual exhibition that equally combined design & functionality

With countless physical events being rescheduled in 2020 due to the pandemic, many leading brands were looking for an alternative virtual solution that could not only replace the original event but also excite, entertain and exhilarate consumers.

Like other leading brands we’ve been proud to help (such as Mastercard), global electronics and household brand name LG approached us needing a creative solution to what would have been their physical exhibition stand.

What did we deliver?

Through the Reydar platform and our creative developers, we worked alongside LG to provide a virtual exhibition stand and product experience platform for their leading trade show.

The full experience entailed a virtual shop stand, eight 3D interactive products and a unique integration of their custom solutions to enable efficient networking and lead generation.

Within the virtual experience users could see always-on video walls displaying key product content as well as attend a live integrated webinar.

The virtual experience closely resembled that of the original physical experience in order to provide attendees with a familiar browsing experience. This enabled a careful balance between impressive design and conventional functionality, ensuring all users were welcome no matter what level of technical understanding.

The results

The virtual experience far exceeded LG’s expectations with a high attendance rate of 80% – almost double the equivalent of the physical event.

“We were really pleased with the end result – the stand and experience was amazing! It far exceeded our expectations. We are looking to invest further into this experience with additional functionality, future live events, product launches and updates within the same space.”

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