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Building the ultimate virtual live event summit and showroom

As the leading global event in 3D printing, Ultimaker wanted to try a fresh approach to hosting their high-profile exhibition – one that would not only tackle the logistical issues of the pandemic but would thrive and reflect their leading approach to innovation.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 we have worked with many leading brands to recreate what would have been a standard in-person event into an innovative live virtual space. And, just like those events such as Canon Vision, the Ultimaker Transformation Summit exceeded expectations with over 5000 attendees gathering virtually from around the world.

What did we deliver?

From a desktop, the platform enabled users to roam freely throughout the virtual space interacting with hotspots, watching videos, chatting to experts and exploring new products.

  • Fully branded, always-on, 3D virtual environment allowing an unlimited number of attendees to roam quickly and easily and discover new products.
  • Interactive hotspots, videos, live 121 chat.
  • Live webinar sessions across 4 different time zones over 4 days.
  • Full analytical reporting over interactions, dwell time and popular areas.

The results

The immersive virtual exhibition gave Ultimaker’s attendees an impressive experience and one that also delivered on the key numbers too with over 5000 attendees worldwide.

“We had high expectations before the event, and you’ve exceeded them”
Sander Van Geelen – Ultimaker


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attendees over 4 days

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