Exertis – Virtual and AR Metastore Retail Experience


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How Exertis switched the retail shopping experience into a fully interactive mixed reality portal

The retail experience is a carefully designed shopping environment allowing customers to browse and purchase products at their leisure.

When Exertis came to us, they wanted to replicate this experience in a fully digital, immersive and impressive environment through Reydar’s intuitive AR technology.

Reydar’s AR platform replicated the familiar retail environment in an AR format, meaning Exertis could send their customers to a virtual shop accessed through a web browser.

Users could walk around the shop and view the latest products, clicking on hotspots to find out more details about particular products.

Through Reydar’s PlaceRey technology, users could then select those products and view them through their smartphone place in their own room. This meant Exertis’ clients could view monitor screens, computer equipment and other supplies in their own office environment to see how they would look, fit and feel.

With the ability to select hotspots for further information and bring the product into your own environment through the magic of AR technology – this retail experience goes above and beyond the traditional one.

The result meant that not only were users captivated by the impressive and immersive environment but that it also served a useful purpose in letting customers try-before-they-buy.


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