Samsung – Knox AR Experience


Pinging the product to life with AR

Samsung Knox is Samsung’s secure platform built into Samsung devices, and a guarantee of security for all Samsung smartphone, tablet, and wearable owners.

Communicating this complex product offering to resellers, e-commerce operators and retailers can be a challenge, and so leading technology distribution provider, Exertis, turned to Reydar to Ping the product to life!

By harnessing the power of AR to visualise complex products and processes through interactive 3D experiences in the real world, the Reydar AR platform has provided Exertis with a unique and engaging way to promote Samsung Knox.

Samsung’s branded AR channel and PingRey

Focussing on the key benefits of the Samsung Knox product, Reydar’s AR experts created an immersive AR experience that brings all of the security features to life in a more accessible and engaging way.

The Samsung AR product experience PingRey provides the global technology giant with a branded AR channel on the Reydar app, and is part of a wider strategy for Exertis, as a leading technology retailer, to unlock the potential of 470+ brands.


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