Sportradar – Training AR Experience


Being a key player in the global sports industry – collecting, analysing and providing data to the media, the betting industry and sports federations – Sportradar have a significant commitment to honest sportsmanship and accurate results.

As hosts of frequent Integrity Workshops, in which clubs and players are educated about the risks of match fixing and match manipulation, Sportradar approached us seeking a new way to enhance their educational offering.

Following a successful discovery workshop we devised a concept that introduces real life case studies, role play examples and interactive quiz questions, all through cutting edge augmented reality training, to add a further layer of engagement to the Integrity Workshops.

Bringing content to life with augmented reality training

Upon scanning the first of the bespoke Sportradar trigger images, a globe appears in full magical 3D. The user is prompted to explore it to understand the Sportradar mission, unlocking exclusive branded content through hot spots around the world. 

From here, the workshop progresses to teach about integrity in sport; the AR training experience develops accordingly with a number of engaging examples, including a 3D hologram scene demonstrating a suspicious conversation between a player and a match fixer.

Continuing the educational experience, a selection of ‘evidence’ – each piece of which acts as a trigger for a further AR training experience – is presented to the user for review, the content these triggers unlock forms the basis of an interactive quiz.

The multi layered experience provides variety and consistent opportunity for engagement, enhancing the teaching of the workshop through hands on activity.

Augmented reality training boosts engagement and memorability 

Augmented reality has been shown to keep viewers up to 1.9 times more engaged than non-AR content, and to be a staggering 2.9 times more memorable – making it perfectly suited to an insightful and educational workshop tool such as this.


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This augmented reality experience brings Sportradar’s teaching to life, contextualising and adding a deeper layer of understanding through interactivity and cutting edge technology – get in touch today to find out what augmented reality could do for your brand.