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Reimagining the office workplace into a virtual 3D sales experience

Through the Reydar AR technology, Exertis created a virtual 3D shopping experience that provided them with a truly unique sales platform to their clients.

The heart of the Exertis business is providing a full 360 solution of IT-based equipment for offices, from laptops to telephones and storage, and rather than just browse through a website full of pages and pages of options, they wanted to show their clients around a fully kitted-out office to see what their very own place of work had the potential to look like.

That’s exactly what The Modern Office is – a scalable 3D virtual shopping experience that replicates the familiar office environment.

The web-based application allows Exertis’ clients to navigate around the virtual office, exploring photo-realistic 3D models of products in each room and discover more information about them through hotspots

Then with the Reydar app, they can bring those products into their own office, home or wherever they are. 


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The Reys menu, Web AR, QR codes

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Exertis – The Modern Office digital product exploration

Not only does the Modern Office provide Exertis with a captivating platform that truly lets them stand out from other firms, but it also enables them to run a highly efficient sales platform.

Try it yourself

Download our free flagship AR application – Reydar to search and browse the Modern Office’s product range, direct from the Rey menu.

View and explore the virtual products in the real world in AR, try-before-they-buy, check for fit, colour, size, and more.