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Reydar is a global virtual products platform for brands and retailers

With Reydar, brands and retailers can provide immersive experiences for customers and inspire them to engage and buy more.

AR makes a lasting impression


SAP Direct Mail experience saw an 81.91% uptake of recipients receiving the direct mail that went onto experiencing the AR PopRey campaign

2m - 8m

End users spend 2 to 8 minutes on average across all AR campaign experiences

2m 29s

Engineering Design Show advertising print campaign saw a 15.89% uptake of the PopRey interactive robot campaign and an average dwell time of 2m 29s

Brands, what if you could…

Help customers view and explore products, wherever they are.

Help customers make better buying decisions by enabling them to browse, configure and try-before-they-buy.

Make discovering your products more useful, more magical, more inspiring.

Launch into AR with a printed trigger

Reydar has the rare ability to compress the purchase funnel, by connecting all your print and marketing collateral into creative and shoppable experiences built around your products.

The beauty of an Augmented Reality experience is that it can happen anywhere, at any time. Triggers can range from images to GPS data, which means that your customer’s next immersive brand experience could be literally right around the corner.

See Reydar and AR in action

Watch our explainer video to see how you can get the most of Reydar for your brand.

The Reydar App enables your customers to view and explore virtual products from anywhere.

Reydar searches the world around your customers for virtual products, virtual POS and virtual retail environments and allows them to visualise and interact with products in their own personal space.

Customers can Place lifelike virtual versions of products wherever they are. They can Explore each product and try-before-they-buy.

Customers can Ping, Pop and Play with products at the touch of a button, and immerse themselves in magical 3D environments and experiences.

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The Reydar app is our free-to-download flagship AR application

Search for and browse product collections from the menu, or simply scan items you see with the Reydar logo to see what you can discover! Look out for the Reydar logo on everyday objects such as posters, magazines, product packages and retail displays. Just aim and frame the images in the app to watch as they ‘Ping’ to life with exciting AR, VR and 3D content to explore – let the magic happen!

Ping your products and
brand to life with Reydar

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your AR marketing experience.

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