Alfa – Annual Report AR Experience

Alfa Systems

Introducing exclusive content with augmented reality

Alfa is a worldwide financial systems provider and the leading software choice for financial companies globally. With a diverse customer base, Alfa needs to ensure that they keep their customers engaged at every brand touchpoint.

Seeking a way to enhance their annual report, Alfa approached the Reydar team to introduce an augmented reality (AR) layer of digital content into the printed report.

Reydar’s ready-made AR channel enabled Alfa to quickly and easily augment the annual report, with exclusive video content triggered throughout the printed document via a PopRey.

Enhanced AR annual report PopRey

By providing their customers with an augmented digital layer on the printed annual report, Alfa has been able to enhance the reading experience whilst also showcasing their commitment to digital transformation.

Reydar’s built-in analytics also provides Alfa with valuable data on their customer’s engagement with the printed annual report. The AR campaign is scheduled to run for 12 months, with new content added on a regular basis.


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AR triggered from

Pages of the Alfa Annual Report, Reys menu

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