Global Custodian – 30th Anniversary AR Publication

Global Custodian

A forward-looking anniversary issue

To commemorate the 30th anniversary edition of the Global Custodians magazine, we were approached to help provide a unique augmented reality experience for this leading magazine, that covers the international securities services business.

Global Custodian provides analysis and commentary on the latest news and events taking place in the international securities industry, where there are some exciting digital developments. Moving into an era of new asset service provisions based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, tokenised securities and data analytics driven by technology.

Showcasing all the potential Global Custodian holds for the next 30 years, with the latest Reydar technology we created a more memorable experience and longevity for its readers.

Inviting readers to look to the future rather than the past.

VideoReys AR Campaign

Reydar’s ready-made AR channel enabled Global Custodian to quickly and easily augment their 30th anniversary magazine, with exclusive video content triggered throughout the printed publication via a VideoRey.

The augmented reality experience which is triggered from the printed 30th anniversary edition of Global Custodian magazine, prompts users to download the free Reydar app and scan the main images, using Reydar’s Image Recognition technology, to unlock the exclusive content.

From here, the user is greeted by editor Jon Watkins standing upon a plinth within the augmented scene and delivering a welcome speech.


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