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Let customers interact with your products and experiences in their own personal space

Customers can Place lifelike virtual versions of products wherever they are. They can Explore each product and try-before-they-buy. Customers can Ping, Pop and Play with products at the touch of a button, and immerse themselves in magical 3D environments and experiences.


Communicate your key messaging using rich video content through the use of promotional print or packaging. This could be sent directly to your audience, featured in third party publications, mass direct mail, featured on a purchased item etc.


Being unable to browse at promotional events, retail outlets or exhibitions, shouldn’t stop your audience being able to view your products in full 3D. Using PlaceRey they get the added bonus of bringing the product to them as well – win win!


Context is king and ensuring your products are viewed in their usual environment could make all the difference. Using PopRey you can add vital situational branding and products: i.e. linked buys, a retail display stand or exhibition stand environment


Looking for a fully immersive experience to replace the face to face one you can’t currently host? With PingRey you can recreate your event, shopping experience, or even a choice of environments for your audience to choose from to experience your product or service.


View and explore products in the real world – the ultimate try-before-you-buy experience


With Reydar’s AR platform you can create a life-like visual representation of your products – the classic first step to engaging AR.


Let your customers explore and gain insight into your products further by adding hot-spots like prices, image slideshows, videos, and how-to guides.


Take your products one step further by enabling users to interact with them and customise them to their own tastes, from changing the colour of a car to mixing and matching different clothes.


Utilise Reydar’s engaging capabilities to turn dry Powerpoint presentations into interactive, colourful and memorable experiences – perfect for B2B and internal employment engagement.


Pop to life your retail display or 3D experience with AR

3D Retail

Let customers explore your store as an immersive 3D experience, giving them the choice not only to view and interact with products, but also to purchase them.


By utilising the front-facing camera, you can take selfies to the next level by creating unique environments with AI characters that enhance your brand.

3D Campaign

Storify the experience with characters and scenarios that build long-lasting engagement.


Let users strengthen their relationship with your brand by interacting with characters, objects and environments to build upon an already impressive AR experience.

Treasure Hunt

Introduce collectables into the virtual world for users to explore and educate themselves about your campaign.


Gamify the entire experience and reward users for engaging and interacting with your brand in an immersive environment.


Provide your products with a touch of magic by pinging them to life in a VR retail environment, showroom, or demo room

360 3D Retail

Reconstruct a 360 virtual replica of your retail store and let users browse your latest offers, interact with products, and purchase them.

360 3D Campaign

Transform your standard promotional marketing campaigns into an immersive virtual 3D experience designed to substantially increase engagement.


Delight crowds by accessing your augmented reality through physical portals such as doorways or any 3D shape.


Place engaging videos and get your customers watching from anywhere in the world


Your ordinary brochures can be transformed into an enriched content experience. By adding a simple video trigger in Reydar, your brochures can play videos through AR.

360 Video

What’s more impressive than a simple video? In true Star Wars fashion, fully 3D video animations in an augmented reality space can fascinate users and deliver higher engagement rates.

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