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SMART Garden Rooms, Offices & Studios

Developing the market-leading garden office AR visualisation app

With many people making the most of their outside space throughout the UK lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, as well as many more working from home, garden rooms were, and still are, a very popular but competitive area.

SMART Gardens Rooms, Offices & Studios (SMART) were already well established in the garden rooms marketplace but they were faced with numerous challenges: Their competitors had made up significant ground in the market and they were attracting the ‘wrong type’ of enquiry.

Now was the right time to think differently, sow the seeds and maximise the potential harvest. That’s when we came up with the SMART Garden Room Visualiser App.

“The quality of the configurator visuals and the AR app capabilities are incredible.”
Sue Phillips – SMART Garden

What did we deliver?

Through the Reydar platform and our creative developers, we worked alongside SMART Garden to create the very first Garden Room Visualiser App. Through the fully branded augmented reality app, customers could now create their perfect garden office or studio, customise it to their exact liking and requirements, and then see how it would look within their own garden.

SMART Garden products are all uniquely customisable – no two buildings are ever designed the same. Therefore it was vital to give customers the ability to visualise their dream and configure as many different options as they would like. Users can choose between 64 different sizes, add and remove panels, windows and doors, as well as combine unique interior features and finishes.

Not only can users see how the garden room would look from the outside, they can also ‘step in’ to it and see how it will look from the inside.

“The ability to enter the building once sited in your garden, then to walk around it and look out into your very own garden is phenomenal.”
Sue Phillips – SMART Garden

The results

With the only app of it’s kind in the industry, SMART Garden has established itself once again as the market leader. The app has also saved the team 287 hours in its first month by letting customers freely explore their design options themselves.

“The return on investment is not a monetary goal, it is a market leading goal, to be seen as a garden room market leader, always at the forefront of technologies.”
Sue Phillips – SMART Garden


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