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Transforming a physical flagship event into an interactive & virtual masterpiece

As one of the leading worldwide household technology brands, Mastercard needed to rapidly adapt it’s digital communications in response to the global pandemic.

As a trusted partner to Mastercard we’d had the pleasure of working on a number of projects prior from creating engaging B2B content to enhanced AR-enabled brand books – This time however we needed to recreate Mastercard’s flagship board presentation from a physical event to a virtual experience.

Even before the introduction of travel and physical event restrictions, Mastercard’s creative team reached out to us to discuss ways of transforming their physical event into something more interactive. We reconstructed the business-critical presentation into a virtual experience that could be delivered remotely all while maintaining high levels of engagement.

What did we deliver?

With Reydar technology, we were able to provide a detailed virtual experience with features such as:

  • Original physical stand concepts recreated as 3D immersive virtual environments
  • Interactive hotspots highlighting key messaging
  • Flexible viewing via video meeting platforms, app (desktop and mobile), web browsers and large-screen interactive experience at future physical events

The best is yet to come

As well as having the flexibility to deliver the best-in-class presentation across a number of different platforms, the application has also been built with an eye on the future.

Our next phase of development is to launch the presentation as a full VR experience – One that truly reflects Mastercard’s stature as a global technology powerhouse.

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