Augmented Reality App – HT Connect

Building An Innovative AR App – HellermannTyton

Project Outcomes

  • Thousands of new AR app interactions
  • Streamlined sales pipeline
  • Boosted customer and workforce engagement
  • Increased buyer confidence

The Client

HellermannTyton is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of high-quality electrical products and network connectivity solutions. When they identified that a new method of showcasing products was needed, we knew that we could help through our innovative augmented reality REYDAR technology.

The Challenge

With such an array of high-specification products available, HellermannTyton needed to be able to showcase them to both their employees and clients easily. They wanted a way of being able to display products within any environment as efficiently as possible, whilst keeping the process incredibly simplistic and informative.

Products needed to have dedicated spaces, like a product page on a website, packed with features, media and product info to ensure that users got a full overview of the product without it being overwhelming or overcomplicated.

They wanted to utilise new and innovative AR technology. Technology they could use to streamline their sales processes and offer somewhere customers can go to be engaged, informed, and build purchase confidence.

The Solution – AR App

So, how did REYDAR do to solve this challenge? We made it possible for their sales team and customers to have access to their product range in their own back pockets. The REYDAR AR App made this all possible.

HellermannTyton opted for a white-label version of the REYDAR AR app, meaning that it was completely custom branded, allowing their AR app to be instantly recognisable and trusted amongst both customers and the workforce.

The HT Connect app is incredibly simple to navigate, users can either explore by category or product. Once a product is selected, a product overview is presented. This view allows users to either read the product description, visit the website page or easily access the datasheet for specifications.

But the main features include 3D and AR viewers. The 3D viewer allows users to get a 360-degree view of the product model, whilst the AR feature lets anyone ping the products to life in their very own environment using their smartphone camera.

When in AR mode, users can tap the REYDAR logo to interact with the UI. The UI can then be hidden, or users can access help and guides, or can even share a picture of what is on the screen with the touch of a button.

Users can also scale, move, and reset the AR model. We also ensured that models with panels, latches or lids could be opened. Allowing the user to see the inside of the product, which is critical for informing purchases.

Here is what HellermannTyton had to say about their AR App:

“The HT Connect AR app has helped our internal teams operate and understand our products much better, and it is also easier than ever for our sales teams to showcase our products to customers no matter where they are”

AR App – Results

  • Thousands of AR app experiences
  • New, innovative ways of showcasing products to customers
  • Insight into customer analytics
  • Streamlined sales processes
  • Custom-branded AR app that can be updated
  • Boosted buyer confidence

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