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Developing an unrivalled product visualisation experience for HP laptops

As one of the leading technology and computing brands in a fiercely competitive market HP wanted to provide a cutting-edge experience to help inform and engage with potential customers.

Working with HP’s partner agency Consenna, the solution was a native augmented reality product visualisation experience. This enhanced the online retail shopping experience for users by letting them view new laptops through augmented reality in their own environment. This meant that the user could see what a brand new laptop would look like on their desk there and then.

What did we deliver?

HP wanted their potential customers to be able to place, view, rotate and zoom a fully modelled digital-twin of their chosen product in their own space. And, as this was going to be applied across multiple reseller sites, it was vital the solution didn’t take the end-user away from the reseller site.

To achieve this, we modelled each of the items (from photography) and opted for a NativeAR (or WebAR) execution that harnessed the Android and iOS native AR frameworks – ARCore and ARKit.

When the user finished exploring the product, they simply clicked ‘return to website’ and were brought back to the reseller website with no interruption to their browsing experience.

“Brilliant and amazing, the product visualisation quality is incredibly life like!”
Lee Anderson Consenna



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