3D Model Product Viewers: How Can Ecommerce Sites Benefit?

3D model product viewers are transforming online retail, and with more customers shopping online than ever before, now is the perfect time to innovate.

So, can 3D model viewers really make a difference in customer experiences?

The short answer is yes, they can, and with very few ecommerce sites utilising 3D model viewers despite their many benefits, it is a quick and easy way to stand out from the competition.

What are 3D models for eCommerce?

3D models for eCommerce are 3D rendered products used for online product visualisation, augmented & virtual reality and configuration to boost engagement and sales. Also known as 3D commerce or immersive commerce, 3D models for eCommerce aim to provide a superior online shopping experience.

The difference between 2D images and 3D models

Recent innovations have meant that 3D content can now be displayed directly on any webpage, much like a 2D image we’re used to seeing on ecommerce sites. High-quality and fast photorealistic 3D model creation has never been easier and it is now almost impossible to differentiate between photographic 2D imagery and 3D products.

Unlike 2D images which have fixed camera angles and are typically placed on a plain white background, 3D models in a dedicated viewer take shopping experiences to a more immersive level. 3D model viewers allow customers to interact with a 360-degree view of the product, enabling shoppers to fully explore products and remove any guesswork before purchasing.

Almost all brands will benefit from shoppers’ being able to better experience how a product will look in real life.

With the Reydar 3D Viewer, you can seamlessly integrate 3D model products anywhere on your ecommerce site with a simple embed code. The 3D product viewer example below, created by Reydar, displays the freedom and depth that customers can explore, like never before. Rotate, zoom, and inspect, try it out.

Seamless integration into ecommerce platforms

The Reydar 3D Viewer can be seamlessly integrated into all websites as well as being compatible with all major ecommerce platforms. Supported platforms include WordPress, Magento, Salesforce, Shopify and BigCommerce, it is as simple as embedding the code and you’re good to go!

a collection of logos from major ecommerce brands including, WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Do 3D model viewers actually enhance shoppers’ experience?

Going back to our earlier question, can 3D model product viewers really make a difference in customer experiences on ecommerce sites?

Well, from our own experience in the game, we’ve found the following stats to be true in practice:

  • 3D experiences deliver double the levels of engagement compared to their non-3D equivalent. Source: Reydar
  • 42% of people are willing to pay more for a product if they could see it in 3D/AR. Source: Reydar
  • 66% of people would be more interested in shopping on a website if it offered 3D/AR instead of images. Source: Reydar
  • 3D content can increase conversions by up to 27.96% on retailer websites – Source: Mobile Marketer
  • Online furniture and lifestyle retailer CB2 found that product pages featuring 3D and AR experiences drove 21% higher revenue per visit and a 13% lift in average order size – Source: Retail Customer Experience

Reydar work with HP to implement 3D model viewers with AR integration

Being a market leader in the computing and technology industry, HP needed to stay on top of its competitive market. To achieve this, they needed to provide a cutting-edge experience on reseller ecommerce sites.

HP wanted their shoppers’ to be able to not only browse reseller ecommerce sites for HP products but wanted customers to be able to both engage with and visualise their laptops within their own space as if the real product were in front of them.

From photography, Reydar modelled all the products into realistic 3D digital twins which were easily embedded into the sites and came with a wealth of features.

As well as the ability to immerse in the 3D viewer, shoppers are also able to view HP laptops in their own environment, with Reydar Augmented Reality viewer integration. This means that customers don’t have to imagine their new laptop on their desk, they could see it. Learn more about our work with HP and the 3D & AR viewer here.

Build your 3D viewer and models with Reydar

3D model creation has never been simpler, all we need is your reference photos and CADs, and Reydar can do the rest. You can even manage, optimise and configure your 3D model assets on the ReyBeam Product Network for secure access and storage. Contact us today to upgrade your ecommerce site and create engaging customer experiences.