AR marketing: 3 great examples you need to see

Having worked on AR marketing projects for a range of high profile clients over the years, we like to think we know a little something about AR advertising – and we are always happy to share this insight.

With AR proving to be up to 2x more engaging than non-AR advertising it is not hard to see why so many companies are getting on board. We always like to stay on top of trends and developments, so we thought we’d take a look at 3 stellar examples of AR marketing from the last few months that get us all excited about what’s coming up within our industry…

ASOS AR Virtual Catwalk

Kicking us off is this gem from ASOS, which has caused a significant buzz recently. Offering the chance to see ASOS models walking a private catwalk show for you in the comfort of your own home, this AR experience brings the fashion retailer’s products to life in a whole new way.

The CEO of HoloMe, who collaborated with ASOS on this project, makes a very good point – and one that we fully support;

“By allowing the consumer to bring mobile shopping into their own physical space, we can create a more intimate buying experience” – Janosch Amstutz.

We have seen time and time again how interacting with products in the AR space fosters a deeper emotional connection between the consumer and the product by offering the unique ability to place us, the consumer, at the centre of the shopping experience.

LEGO and Snapchat AR Store Collaboration

Snapchat have long been seen as leaders in mainstream AR, bringing the technology to millions of people on a global scale every day with their quirky augmented reality filters, so this commercialised AR marketing collaboration with LEGO comes as no real surprise.

An empty store sprung up during London Fashion Week 2019, featuring nothing but a Snapchat branded plinth with a unique ‘Snapcode’ – upon scanning this QR code the users found themselves transported to a fully augmented retail store, staffed by LEGO characters and stocking exclusive merchandise.

Complete with LEGO DJ booth and arcade games, the pop up was a full sensory experience, bringing the LEGO brand to life for visitors and helping to promote and sell limited edition branded items.

At Reydar we are committed to virtual retail, offering this level of experience for our clients with an always-on augmented reality store front and the opportunity to Ping branded retail environments to life in innovative AR.

It is very exciting for us to see such a large commercial brand committing to virtual retail – if you like the sound of this for your brand, get in touch – our team will be happy to discuss your idea.

Burger King AR ‘Burn that Ad’ Campaign

Burger King have never shied away from poking fun at their biggest competitor, McDonald’s. Their tit for tat marketing campaigns have been going for years now, getting more and more competitive each time.

Burger King in Brazil stepped things up this year though, introducing AR marketing into the mix to overwrite and piggyback on McDonald’s ads in a particularly clever way.

Honing in on the flame grilled aspect of their offering, Burger King launched their ‘Burn that Ad’ campaign, using McDonald’s posters as trigger images to launch a flame thrower AR graphic that sees them burn up, only to be replaced by a Burger King promo offering a free Whopper as a reward.

This guerrilla marketing approach shows AR being used in a way we feel will become more and more prominent as the medium grows in scale – as yet no one owns the AR space, so we predict that this marketing hijack approach will become more commonplace as companies compete for new ways to dominate this new reality.

Get in touch now to discuss your brand’s AR marketing strategy with our expert team and get ready to blow your competition out of the water, Burger King style.

Bringing AR to your company with Reydar

These examples show the breadth and potential for AR marketing, the opportunities really are only limited by the imagination these days – and thankfully we have plenty of that!

At Reydar we are perfectly placed both technically and creatively to help you embrace this new media within your company, making AR advertising accessible for companies of all sizes. To discuss how Reydar could bring your brand to life, get in touch today.

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