Online Shopping and Augmented Reality: 2023

The definition of a digital consumer is expanding as the world shifts to online alternatives. You can do almost anything online, from talking to friends to shopping, at any time of the day, and in thousands (if not millions) of places.

As online shopping becomes increasingly more attractive, consumer demand also increases, and brands want to add more variety and excitement to their online experiences to meet these ever growing demands.

But what technology is brands turning to? Augmented reality (AR), of course. Augmented reality offers a more complete online shopping experience, and has the capability to create a more immersive journey for consumers.

A person holding a phone viewing a HP laptop using AR on the desk in front of them.

YouGov: Online Shopping & AR Report

Recent research published by YouGov explores the opinions of the public when it comes to AR shopping to see how Britons felt about AR becoming a much larger part of online shopping experiences.

Research separated the sample population into 4 groups, including:

  • AR Savvy Early Adopters
  • AR  Non-Savvy Late Adopters
  • AR Savvy Late Adopters
  • AR Non-Savvy Late Adopters

Amongst the AR Savvy groups, there was a strong belief that AR makes shopping experiences more fun and engaging. The research highlights that the more experience people have had with AR, the more likely they are to believe that AR will improve their shopping experience. Whereas those with little experience in using AR do not see its usefulness in online shopping, suggesting that more use with AR in shopping applications would likely shift their opinion.

Download the full report here.

Two people looking at a sofa on a smart tablet using augmented reality.

Consumer Data: Does AR actually improve online shopping experiences?

Although the YouGov research provides some excellent insights into the opinions of the general population, it does not highlight any data on how AR can improve a user’s shopping experience. Here are some of our favourite stats showing truly how powerful AR can be in online shopping:

AR product experiences are 200% more engaging

That’s right, AR experiences are 200% more engaging, delivering double the levels of engagement when compared to their non-AR equivalent. Augmented reality turns an advert, product or service into an interactive experience that isn’t only fun, but is informative and useful. All of these traits lead to AR being more engaging than static 2D imagery, increasing a customer’s dwell time and their chances of conversion.

Increase conversion rates by up to 90%

Following our last point, incorporating AR into your customer journey can increase conversions by up to 90%. Shopify reported a similar figure from their research and recognised that those who do not incorporate 3D and AR into their purchase journey will fall behind competitors in the future. As well as this, AR bridges the gap between the virtual and physical world, allowing customers to make more confident purchase decisions online, as well as reduce return rates and increase customer satisfaction.

40% of customers are willing to pay more for a product that can be tested in AR

Not only is engagement higher, and conversions skyrocket through the roof, but you can also expect customers to be willing to pay more for a product if they can test it in AR. Augmented reality helps to bring eCommerce products to life with detailed information, enabling customers to make confident purchase decisions. AR offers far more freedom than static imagery, meaning that consumers can understand and judge products more confidently, meaning these experiences are more valuable.

REYDAR: Augmented Reality, Made Easy

The team behind REYDAR has been developing augmented reality solutions for over a decade, we can do all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to adding augmented reality to your customer journey. Our talented team can create stunning 3D digital twins of your product catalogue that your customers can explore and interact with within their own space. Check out an example below:

Try out a 3D and AR demo here or book a free live demonstration to see AR’s true power.


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