Storyblok Whitepaper: Augmented Reality and B2C Commerce

We have been a leading agency in the creation, distribution and analysation of immersive 3D products and augmented reality (AR) technology since 2011. So, when Storyblok approached our owner and founder, Matt Key, for an interview regarding the AR industry, we agreed that there was no better leading voice.

What can you expect to learn in the AR whitepaper?

The whitepaper is titled The Future of Augmented Reality and B2C Commerce: An Industry Expert’s Predictions for 2022″. And covers various aspects of the AR industry, including:

  • The beginnings of AR
  • The current state of AR
  • Reaching the future
  • How to start embracing AR/VR in B2C commerce

The whitepaper begins with an overview of the history of AR. Also highlighting where the technology first became accessible to the public and how Engine Creative, the team behind Reydar, capitalised on the opportunity early. Here is what Matt had to say about early innovations:

“The technology was the enabler there. We delivered new solutions when the technology was really kind of in the early stages and not very robust. Despite that, we developed the business model and worked with some big brands: Tesco, Bauer Publishing, lots of different magazines delivering these solutions.”

Following AR’s history, the whitepaper moves on to the current state of AR within B2C commerce. Explaining how the technology still hasn’t quite caught up with the ideas yet. It is also discussed that AR is still relatively young, with considerable developments still to be made.

Finally, the future of AR and how to start embracing the technology are considered. It is explored what the driving force is behind AR technology and how the future of AR promises to bring all the disparate products and experiences under one umbrella, essentially creating the metaverse.

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Where to read the full AR whitepaper

We have only provided a brief overview in comparison to the depth that the whitepaper explores. If you want to learn more about AR and what our owner and founder had to say about AR innovations, then you can download the full whitepaper for free here.

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Reydar 3D and augmented reality products

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