Virtual retail and product experiences become a reality for Exertis

This month has been an incredibly busy one at Reydar, it feels like our feet have barely touched the ground in between finishing a host of big projects and getting the ball rolling on exciting new ones!

So, it was a welcome treat last month to showcase Reydar and our virtual retail experiences at the incredible Plug In to Exertis 2019 event, hosted at the iconic Silverstone race track.

The Exertis partnership has kicked off with a series of virtual retail and product experiences for key brands, including Dell and Samsung, so this event was a great opportunity to see and interact with the products and brand offerings in the flesh.

Moving forward with Exertis

An inspirational talk from the Exertis Managing Director, Paul Bryan, kicked the day off. From his position at the helm of Exertis UK&I he is able to observe the current climate from a unique perspective, offering exclusive insight into industry trends and forecasts. 

Following on was Christian Horner OBE, Red Bull Racing Team Principle. His fast paced talk gave a fascinating overview of the F1 world, detailing how important collaboration and team cohesion is when working towards a shared goal or title – something we strongly support.

Illustrating his point perfectly was this video, showing the full life cycle of a Red Bull branded bolt – from concept to creation – with focus on all of the important individuals involved from start to end… We never thought it possible to feel so emotionally invested in a bolt! 

Demonstrating virtual retail experiences on Reydar

Exhibition rooms were home to countless stands representing the hugely diverse portfolio of Exertis brands. Having worked with a selection of these vendors we were excited to  see some familiar friendly faces, and to have the opportunity to demonstrate Reydar – our AR platform that pings product to life.

Reydar has been embraced by Exertis as a further way to enhance their print and digital content, our work with Dell and Samsung demonstrates this particularly well as print advertisements are augmented to unlock a further level of branded content.

Moving forward with virtual retail

With AR experiences being shown to provide double the levels of engagement of traditional non-AR counterparts, it is easy to see why so many Exertis brands and event visitors are so eager to introduce AR into their content marketing strategy.

It was a pleasure to demonstrate the potential of Reydar and augmented reality to the guests at the fantastic Plug In to Exertis event; if you are interested in discussing how AR could enhance your brand’s marketing strategy, get in touch today to book a consultation and demo.

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