What is Roomvo and what alternatives are there?

With so many competitors and more consumers purchasing online than ever before in the flooring industry, how do you keep your costs down whilst not sacrificing the customer experience? Well here we are going to look at Roomvo and some alternatives.

The market-leading solution is Roomvo, a static image flooring visualiser. But REYDAR has introduced a new dynamic flooring visualiser that uses the latest AR technology to unlock a new level of engaging customers in your flooring products, anytime, in any space.

So, we thought it was about time to compare Roomvo to alternative visualisers on the market.

What is Roomvo virtual flooring visualiser?

So what is Roomvo? Roomvo is a static flooring visualisation tool that allows users to view various types of flooring in their own space in a few simple steps. The virtual flooring tool is designed to accelerate the decision-making process for consumers by reducing the need to order physical samples and view what a space would look like with different flooring relatively quickly.

An image that highlights how Roomvo visualiser works.

The technology is ideal for flooring manufacturers, distributors, installers, eCommerce, retailers and independent dealers to aid in the flooring selling process.

To use Roomvo, consumers need to first take a picture of the room or space they want to view new flooring in, then the picture can be uploaded before selecting a style to see in their own space. Roomvo room visualiser can be used on both mobile and desktop, however, is much more streamlined on mobile.

Roomvo has can be integrated into any website and is fairly simple to use for consumers and provides a good visualisation of what spaces will look like with different styles of flooring.

What are some of the Roomvo alternatives?

There are a few Roomvo alternatives on the market offering visualisation solutions to streamline and optimise the customer purchase journey and experience. In this section, we will look at a few alternatives to Roomvo.

Visualise IT is a tool very similar to Roomvo, it allows consumers to upload a static image and view what their spaces would look like with different flooring styles. Unlike Roomvo, Visualise IT also boasts the power of adding blinds and shutters to rooms and unique stair simulations. Aside from this, there is little choice on the market that truly offers a unique experience, there are other similar solutions such as SUPRXR Flooring, but these alternatives still offer incredibly similar features to Roomvo.

That’s where REYDAR augmented reality flooring comes in, an AR flooring visualiser that offers new, innovative and functional features that are not on Roomvo, or anywhere else on the market.

So, what is REYDAR augmented reality flooring visualiser and how is it different to Roomvo?

Our static flooring vis… just kidding. Let us start again, REYDAR real-time live flooring visualiser innovates the market standard by using augmented reality technology. No need to take pictures and upload them anymore, your consumers can see your flooring in stunning 3D on your website product pages, and then at the touch of a button, AR mode can be activated. When in AR mode, consumers can visualise your flooring in any space imaginable, live through their smart device camera with free movement.

Flooring can be rotated, relocated, and zoomed in on to make sure your customers see it from every angle and in any space, and with no apps to download, this solution is incredibly accessible.

Try out the steps and demo below to see for yourself:

An eyeball icon.

View the flooring in 3D

Stack icon.

Select a sample

Magnifying glass icon.

Explore product hotspots

An icon that represents AR.

AR View in your own space


Unique REYDAR flooring visualiser features & benefits

Our Roomvo alternative completely scalable AR flooring visualiser can be integrated into any website or eCommerce platform using a simple embed code, meaning your customers always stay on your site and in your purchase journey. REYDAR 3D and AR flooring visualisers work on both mobile and desktop making it accessible to anyone. Check out some unique benefits you won’t get at Roomvo or anywhere else:

A table highlighting the difference between REYDAR AR flooring and competitors.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the REYDAR AR flooring visualiser here or contact us to book a free demo and we can show you how it all works.