5 Ways WebAR Brings Your Audience Closer

A perfect tool to drive customer engagement and enhance shopping experiences, augmented reality (AR) is becoming more sophisticated, utilised, and immersive every day. With web-based AR (webAR) becoming more powerful, this only extends AR’s applications.

What is webAR?

Augmented reality integrates the user’s real-time environment with digital information, allowing the user to see the real world with digital objects projected onto it. To make this magic happen, you often must download a specific app onto your device. Web-based AR breaks this cycle, by bringing AR to an internet browser. Not only is this easier to develop, but it also breaks down existing user barriers.

Most individuals do not want to take the time to download yet another app on their already saturated device, webAR requires no downloads and can be accessed on pretty much any device, from anywhere, at any time.

A person using webar on a laptop and a mobile device to view a product on their desk.

How can webAR enhance customer experiences?

Let’s get to the nitty gritty of the reason we’re all here, how can webAR bring your audience close?

Although it may only sound like a different way of utilising AR in comparison to app-based, webAR offers many more benefits and unique qualities which might be exactly what your business needs to boost engagements and increase conversions. Here are 5 ways web-based AR brings your audience closer to your brand:

1. WebAR is simplistic to manage and update

Unlike app-based AR, webAR provides an ‘appless’ experience, making it easier to implement, manage and update for all users and devices. Many users are deterred by the prospect of downloading additional apps to experience AR, but with web-based AR, this barrier is knocked down.

Although implementing AR may sound like a daunting step, web AR simplifies this process massively. 66% of shoppers think AR would help them make better buying decisions, yet 52% of brands feel underprepared to introduce AR. Adding web AR to your customer journey can be as simple as integrating a 3D viewer embed code into a website. Check out the REYDAR + HP 3D viewer example below that has been added to this page by simply copying and pasting a code. Click the AR button to view the product in webAR:

2. Boosts buyer confidence

Imagine viewing a static 2D image of a product on a website, and then viewing a 3D version of that or a similar product which you can ping into your own space at the touch of a button. With 3D and AR viewers users can also zoom, rotate, and inspect every angle and feature of products. Which one would let you make a more informed purchase decision?

Also, 71% of shoppers say they would shop more often if they could use AR. Web-based AR has the unique ability to communicate the look, feel and detail of products that static images just can’t match, which encourages sales.


of shoppers say they would shop more if they could use AR


increased conversions with AR experiences compared to non-AR


agree that AR helps make more confident purchase decisions

3. Create more memorable experiences with webAR

People feel more connected with your brand when experiences can be brought to life in their very own environment. Take HP, for example, we worked with HP’s partner agency Consenna to create a digital twin of their products so their potential customers could place, view, rotate and zoom in on them within their own space through web AR. For example, a user could use their device to place a full-scale model on their own desk to test for size and space, as well as investigate what ports and features the laptop has.

But let’s just consider the data, research highlights that attention levels are exceptionally higher when interacting with AR experiences, 45% higher than the average seen for watching TV or general online browsing. These higher attention levels create more clear, more memorable experiences, connecting your brand with consumers.

4. Connect disparate experiences (online and offline)

Thanks to its simplistic ease of use, webAR can help to bridge the gap between online and offline applications, bringing and new level to brand experiences.

At REYDAR our experience allows us to expertly build your 3D and web AR product catalogue for online use, but also QR codes can be taken advantage of in your marketing collateral. Whether it’s through print or TV, samples or in-store, your marketing campaign or products can be brought to life anytime, anywhere.

For example, your QR code could be placed on product samples or catalogues, meaning customers could view your products in their own homes. Perhaps they’re looking for new flooring or carpets, QR codes on product samples allow them to view several flooring options in their own space (with no regrets). Or maybe you’re running a digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign, QR codes can be on billboards, bus stops, or signage to encourage users to scan and totally transform the DOOH media or environment through web-AR.

Try scanning the code below to test out web AR for yourself:

A graphic reading 'hand off to mobile' with a QR code to the right of the text for webar.

5. Build long-lasting relationships

With all the above in mind and the fact that 63% of online shoppers say AR improves their shopping experience, it is no question that web AR aids in building longer-lasting relationships with customers. Web-based AR provides the least amount of disruption to a customer’s journey whilst providing exceptional benefits. At the touch of a button, your brand can provide a totally unique, fun, and memorable experience that customers will keep returning to.

How can REYDAR help?

Many people do not understand the power of webAR and believe that both large financial and time investments are required to get up and running to develop an app or platform. But in reality, all we need is a selection of photos and product specifications and REYDAR will do the rest.

At REYDAR, we have been building augmented reality experiences for over a decade and have extensive experience in developing web AR for brands. Check out our 3D and AR viewer products to learn more or contact us today to book a FREE demo!